A Marine Corps Birthday Party

DTop said:
A couple of years back we had a manger here who was an ex-Marine Corps officer in Vietnam. One November, he sent a memo out to all military veterans. He invited all military veterans, family members of deployed military, and so on to a Marine Corps birthday party. He did it up very nicely, cutting the cake with his sword and all that.
The funny thing was as each person came in the door, he had his secretary ask them what branch of the service they were in.
If you were in the USMC, he gave you a nice red T-shirt with the globe & anchor on it.
If you were in the Army he gave you an O.D. green baseball cap to wear which was actually pretty nice.
If you were in the Navy he handed you a sailor's cap. not bad either.
Finally, if you were in the Air Force, he made you wear a beanie cap that had a sliver propeller on top. It was hilarious, at least for those of us not in the AF.
That was so funny it made me fall out of my chair lol! :lol: