911 Memorial Thread. We Remember!


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No discussions in this thread please, just post you comments to this day here.

My comment:

Osama: YOU are not forgotten.. :evil:
To all survivors and familys of those that died in this tragic event our thoughts are still with you. Your loss is not forgotten

I will always remember the events that took place on 9/11 as I put on my uniform, lace up my boots and do my part to keep this land safe from terror.
We will honor our commitment, Osama Bin Laden, for those that require justice in response to your actions. :D

BTW think Im smiling at you? Im just about ready to bust a cap on you...that is after I give you the same fair and inpartial trial, sentence and execution of sentence you Gave the People of NYC.
We should all always remember that day. And I know I will. To the people behind terror and fear everywhere:The free nations will fight back hard and smart, and we will prevail.
May those who died be cupped in the hands of God. May those responsible soon be in the hands of the USMC.
I believe this is a good time for this one:

"Your enemy's duty is to die in defence of his country. Your duty is to see that your enemy does his duty."

Semper Fidelis, Marines! And every one else!