8 days of infantry training

Movement at night takes practice but soon enough you'll get the hang of it.
The night gives you an element of surprise like nothing else.
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Night without rain or any other sound at all is very annoying... it took me 3 hours once to sneak anywhere near the enemy position with my whole group without being recognized- it was a distance of not even 7 km.
Its just so slow...
Yeah, usually you'll want to use a smaller team and capitalize on the enemy's confusion. The first guys to make any contact can always be the diversion.
Either way there's a million ways to get it right and a million ways to get it wrong. Your worst enemy is often an unrealistic time table.
You can move amazingly fast and softly at night with practice. Well as long as your eyes are adjusted and with any kind of distance they should be. I had a Vietnamese guy in my unit who was crazy fast and quiet at night. I called him the Mongtard, I know that is spelled wrong but it was the guys SF picked up in Vietnam as multipliers. My eyes could not keep up with that guy.... We were the first ones to finish land nav....
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