66th Engineer Company (TOPO CORPS)

66th Engineer (Topo) - Survey Section

I am new to this website. Just ran across it and saw a number of people asking questions about the history of the 66th Engineers. I was assigned as an instrument man to the Survey Section of the 66th Topo in Vietnam from April fools day 1969 until ETS in September of 1970. With Survey, we pretty much worked our way from the very south of IV-corps to the DMZ and even just into Cambodia for Christmas 1970. Have just a couple pictures from then. We always had a pig traveling with us which ALWAYS ended up being cooked by a Hawaiian Sgt that was assigned to our unit.

Been a long time and interesting to learn what has become of the unit.
Hi Rpageler, looks like we were in VN for about 6 months together. Just trying to figure out who you are. My name is Ken and I am from Iowa. I was part of a crew that built survey towers in the delta. Look forward to hearing from you.
VN 67-69

Hi all. I was with the 66th Topo corp from 66-69 in Vietnam. I was in the carto platoon. I did a lot of the illustrations for the briefings and report covers. I did many photo copulations and pictomosaics. I also volunteered with the Tan Hiep buddhist orphanage on occasions while I was there. it's great to have a platform to reconnect with you all.
I was with the 66th from Sept.69 to Sept.70. I was in the photo lab. Capt. Campbell was the CO and 1st Sgt Whitaker.