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Ok, so it's not that huge of a number or anything, but hey, it's good for me. Yay!.... anyways....

I'm a brigade general now... 1 of now 3!!!
Hey, Good job dude! hit 1000 bout a month ago on another forum... that's when I dissappeared a few months ago...

Wish I didn't dissappear... I missed out on so much!
well general...remember what the slave in the chariot said to the conquering roman hero as he had his triomph...you are but a man you are but a man...or are you but a woman?

happy star day to you!

Kind of sad....I have nowhere to go up to.... :(

i know what u mean...im stuck at the top with a few others. Now i have teh near impossible feat of getting more posts then Redneck.
Perhaps we should create some new titles or something.

You know what would be cool!!! If you could select which ranks you wanted to be moving up in. Instead of all army, you could go up in navy or something.
Or we could even bring in all the other Army ranks like Staff Sergeant and Sergeant Major and such. Maybe change the ranking system a bit?