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December 26th, 2003  
Your Own Theme
The Funeral March.( yes I'm serious)
December 26th, 2003  

Funeral March?

Hey, Man! Cheer up..
December 26th, 2003  
Originally Posted by Guardsman_Ca
The Funeral March.( yes I'm serious)
it honestly sounds like you need my Prozac..
Your Own Theme
December 29th, 2003  
Never heard the funeral march, anyone have a link to a midi of it?
December 31st, 2003  
"here w/out you" 3 doors down
"U got it bad" usher
"picture" kidrock/ sheryl crow
"In my head" brian mc.....
"Angels Amoung us" Alabama
"I'm on a mission" Trick Pony

and i kinda "dedicate" American Soldier to my buddy Mike... miss ya, love ya man... he's in kuwait right now, i was supposed to fly out to AZ but he had to leave before i got there
February 9th, 2004  
"we still fight" by hatebreed
any pantera
some of the older metallica
too many to name
February 9th, 2004  
"Companion" Wide Mouth Mason
"The Hockey Song" Stompin Tom
"Lose Yourself" Eminem
February 9th, 2004  
got me never thought about it ..

i like "why go home " pearl jam
February 29th, 2004  
"I'm Just a Kid" by Simple Plan
March 3rd, 2004  
"higher": creed
"i swear" all 4one
"Perfect" Simple Plan