Wounded Warriors Project

October 6th, 2011  

Topic: Wounded Warriors Project

Hey everyone! Today I was given the opportunity to play blackjack with talk show host Lars Larson for the charity of my choice if I get the most likes on Facebook by 8 AM PST tomorrow morning. There's not a lot of time but you can still help out if you'd like All you need to do is click 'Like' under the facebook picture in the link. I have chosen the Wounded Warrior Project for the charity to play for. Wounded Warriors is a wonderful, grass roots organization whose main mission is to provide immediate assistance, honor and empower wounded warriors who incur service-connected wounds, injuries and illnesses (physical or psychological) on or after September 11, 2001.I have two brothers actively serving in Afghanistan so it would be an honor for me to be able to do this. If you would like to help *and all help is appreciated* then you can go to the link below using your facebook and press 'like.' Thank you so much and God bless!


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