Worst Moment in Your Country's Millitary History - Page 16

October 8th, 2011  
i thing the lost of Minor Asia and the genocide of the greeks was the worst moment of the modern Greek History
October 30th, 2011  
Battle of Isandlwana January 1879
Loss of Singapore, Malaya and Hong Kong to the Japanese.
Loss of Crete
November 6th, 2011  
I would say when the Brits took Wash. DC in the War of 1812.
November 6th, 2011  
Originally Posted by muscogeemike
I would say when the Brits took Wash. DC in the War of 1812.
If I remember correctly, Winston Churchill apologised profusely to FDR when he visited the White House.
January 2nd, 2012  
for egypt its the war of 1967
January 17th, 2012  
For Sweden; the battle of Poltava, July 8, 1709

Then perhaps when Sweden lost Finland to Russia in 1809, but I cannot say if Sweden lost anything or if we won something. Just joking
March 5th, 2012  

Topic: worst moment

The loss of the eight division Australian in the malya debacle WW2
March 5th, 2012  
Now for the question, what do you think is the worst moment in your country's millitary history?
March 5th, 2012  
Battle of Isandlwana 22nd January1879 South Africa.
The British forces were mis-managed by Lord Chelmsford who, among most of the other European officers, completely underestimated the enemy as being a bunch of savages armed with spears
The Zulu, out thought, out maneouvred, out smarted and out fought the most powerful nation in the world at the time.
They were armed mostly with spears, the only firearms they possessed were ancient muskets, but they were masters of the battlefield.
A survivor's account reports the Zulus watching the artillery crew, and when the gunners stood back from the guns, the zulus knew they were going to fire and they threw themselves on the ground to reduce the effect of the shells!
July 25th, 2012  
Our Civil War 1936-39