I wish I had thought if this one

November 7th, 2011  

Topic: I wish I had thought if this one

Southhampton U.K

In May a police helicopter was scrambled and a golf course cleared after a white tiger was spotted in a field in Hampshire by members of the public - only to turn out to be a stuffed toy. Police received several calls reporting sightings of the tiger in a field near Hedge End, Southampton.

Specialist staff from nearby Marwell Zoo were called in to advise and potentially tranquillise the wild animal and a local golf course was evacuated. But as police officers carefully approached the dangerous animal they realised it was not moving and the helicopter crew, using thermal imaging equipment, realised there was no heat source coming from it.
November 15th, 2011  
Team Infidel
November 19th, 2011  
The one who put that stuff toy in there was a genius!
December 4th, 2011  
at least he got to play through

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