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Yes, there will be a WW3. 60 55.05%
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May 26th, 2010  
Originally Posted by mini11113
I personally can't see a return to the world-wide scale conflict seen in WWII, it seems more likely that we will see more Cold War style proxy-wars. Mainly because most of the larger powers have realized that whatever benefit might be gained from a war with another large power would be negated by the large losses that would have to be sustained in order to win.
Plus, taking nuclear weapons into account, it makes large scale conflicts seem even less likely. The threat of an attack on another major power being answered with a nuclear weapon is a risk that most (if not all) countries wouldn't be willing to take. Proxy-wars, however, have a much lower risk of harm to a supporting power, as unlike an actual war, it would be easier to get out of if a victory was unobtainable. And also less likely to involve nuclear weapons.

If, however a world war was to start, it would most likely start in either Asia or the Middle East, although wars in the Middle East tend to be rather contained, as their is no large power in the actual war-zone. One beginning in Asia would be more likely to escalate, as countries such as China, India, Pakistan and Russia would be more likely to be actively involved, all of which being nuclear powers. At the moment though the only likely conflict in the foreseeable future would involve North & South Korea, epically with the tension between the two at the moment.
I couldn't agree with you more.

Regarding North & South Korea; hopefully, this is all just a lot of talk as the world could go without more bad news and conflict for a while.
May 26th, 2010  
Yes, there will be another "world war". But I think it will be also the most retarded conflict in the history of mankind. As I see it, there will be more "talking heads" (politics) than actual battles. First battle will most probably involve Korea. Two scenarios there. One: North launches full scale attack on South. Bombards Seoul, thousands die. South Korea and US counterattacks, wipes out Commies. China does nothing. Two: North doesn't launch full scale attack. Instead it continues to provoke. Tensions are rising. China won't allow preemtive strike on North. Meanwhile North causes more and more problems for South. South Korea fianlly loses its patience and attacks Commies, with silent approval of International community. China protests. When South Korean troops are close to achieve thier primary goals, China steps in as peacekeeper force. ROK army pulls back to the armistance line. China blames US for encouraging South Korea to attack. From this point onward tensions between China and US are rising.
If that happens, then it could be considered as prelude to greater war, since a great power will turn openly hostile towards US (much as Iran is now). Cold war style proxy wars will start, with China starting to support muslim nations against US. And again two scenarios there: One: China loses proxy war, nothing happens. Two: China wins proxy war, gaining many allies around the world ( in Asia, and South America ). China invades Taiwan, forcing US to take direct actions against China. And ... again two scenarios hehe. ONE: US wins battle over Taiwan ( I wouldnt bet on this option, yet with tensions rising, US would deploy much more troops around Taiwan, so it is possible). China and its allies start full scale war on US. NATO countries move in to back up USA. WW3 starts. TWO: China wins battle over Taiwan, US troops are forced to retreat. China signs peace with USA.
If scenario 2/2/1 would be true, then Russia would most likely just sit there, using situation to start some minor wars in order to gain some power. As for Brazil, there is a possibility that it will join China's alliance along with some countries in south america.
Nuclear weapons will be used on very limited scale (tactical nukes, bunker buster bombs), as this war will not be fought for territory, nor to wipe out enemy, but to gain international influence and power. Even if US loses you wont see Chinese tanks in New York. It is likely that US soil wont be attacked at all, thus there will be no reason for United States to use nukes as it would cause response from both Pakistan and China, and start nuclear war.
Thats how I see it.