When a war break out between China and Taiwan......

View Poll Results :wut will happen when a war break out between China and Taiwan?
China won and U.S didn't help Taiwan 1 50.00%
China won even U.S helped Taiwan 0 0%
China loses even U.S didn't help Taiwan 0 0%
China loses while U.S helped Taiwan 1 50.00%
both side suffered heavily and they decide to reunite peacefully 0 0%
a total war break out between U.S and China (a nuclear war) 0 0%
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November 11th, 2004  

Topic: When a war break out between China and Taiwan......

Recently, Taiwan president Chen SHui Bian is again talking about making Taiwan an totally independant nation, (by changing consititution or something like that) .

Since Chinese government has been saying for years that if Taiwan dares to declare independance, there will be a war,

Note: U.S may joins the war

so wut this war gonna be like when Taiwan really declares independance?
November 11th, 2004  
i think Taiwan will probably lose badly if U.S doesn't help Taiwan,
PLA will first send hundreds of missles to destroy Taiwan's communication and command, airports, ports and all those targets,
then China will use its Su-30 Su 27 J-10 to destroy Taiwan airforce and bombard Taiwan daily
meanwhile, chinese subs will blockade taiwan and destroy its navy
then Chinese troops will land in Taiwan , and Taiwan surrdenders

However, wut if U.S gets into the war, it is obvious that U.S got a much stronger airforce and navy than China, China may get defeated if U.S join the war right now,

China may also choose to have a total war with U.S, sent some nuclear bombs to U.S or Taiwan is also a choice, but maybe last resort
November 11th, 2004  
right now we have one Country Vs. country debate going on. I suggest we keep it at that for now. Also, this has been discussed many times before and always caused trouble and flaming. So, locked for now...
November 11th, 2004  
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