What's your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)? - Page 17

June 2nd, 2004  
We don't have MOS, but we do have MOC (Military Occupation). Mine is 71 MARS (Sea).

MARS stands for Maritime Surface/Subsurface.
June 2nd, 2004  
Desert Blossom
And the AF has AFSC
June 7th, 2004  
PMOS - 74D Chemical Operations Specialist (NBC)
SMOS - 52D Power Generator Equipment Repaier (Generator mechanic)
also - 13B Cannon Crewmember (artillery)

recently looked up the college credits given to your MOS and found out something strange. I am also a 92G which is a Cook. They have me listed as one during the same time frame they have me listed as an artilleryman lol. I can setup and fire a howitzer. But can only burn water...
June 24th, 2004  

Topic: mos or numbers

Redneck a munition spec. loads ammo. on a/c handles conventional and nukes eod don't know the mos or as a/f says let me think not mos. What ever i'm sure it's changed now I was a 53470 flight line is a or was 431 goes from ex. 53430 beginner to supervisor 7 or big time 9 level. Did I help or confuse?
June 24th, 2004  
Sorry, but I think it's more on the confused side right now, maybe it's just too late for this.
Thank you for the information though.
June 24th, 2004  

My Dad was a Fireman in the Navy and in the army I BELIEVE he was artillery

Dexter is an engineer
June 25th, 2004  
In the AF I was a fuel systems mech and Security forces now I am in the army and I am an 11B (infantry)
July 8th, 2004  
My MOS used to be 95C but it is now 31E. It is the same job just now we are deployable. I am a military police prison guard. There aren't many places I can be stationed. all but 2 are stateside. I babysit the military's finest dumbies.
July 8th, 2004  
Royal Netherlands Army
Service; Korps Commando Troepen...roughly translated in english; Corps Commando Troops...better known as green berets,
July 13th, 2004  
OK...lemme see if I can remember...

Coast Guard -- dual-rated Gunner's Mate and Fire Control Technician

Army -- retired as a 19C (Cavalry officer)