Whats the biggest gun that you ever used?? - Page 8

April 13th, 2006  
.30 caliber m1 garand, and a side by side 12 guage is the largest i've shot.
April 14th, 2006  

i shot this one.
April 14th, 2006  
Remington 12 Gauge (skeet shooting)
April 15th, 2006  
The biggest weapon for me, hmm well the biggest by size is a 12.7mm NSV machinegun but otherwise its the M72 law which is nothing but a toy in comparison to the NSV
April 15th, 2006  
Chief Bones

Topic: Take a choice ...

Let's see .....
22cal (pistol and rifle)
38cal (all barrel lengths and models)
9mm Semi-auto Pistol (Military issue)
44cal (express and magnum)
45cal (M1911A1 military/civilian)
45cal (Grease gun)
357 Magnum (Long Barrel - carried in Vietnam as personal sidearm)
50cal (muzzle loader and military sniper rifle w/night scope)
M1 30cal Garand (Standard military issue)
M1 30cal Carbine
M14 7.62mm Rifle
AR15 5.56 Rifle (Original model pre M16)
M16 5.56mm Rifle
AK47 Rifle (Chinese and Russian models)
12ga Shotgun (Military Browning pump action)
Uzi (9mm full auto - military model)
Various pocket pistols, derringers, shotguns, hunting rifles, and smooth bore black powder muzzle loaders.

3.5" Rocket Launcher (Bazooka)
4.2" Mortar (various fuses and base loads)
102mm Recoilless Rifle (Track mounted and jeep mounted)
105mm (Towed and tracked)
175mm (Towed, tracked and Long Tom multi-axle tractor bed mount)
8" (Towed and tracked)
Pershing Missile (multi-stage long range)
Harpoon Missiles (Conventional guidance and upgrade versions ...
. . . . .(ISSSMD) Image Seeking Surface to Surface Missile Developmental)
RBOC (Rapid Blooming Offboard Chaff)
Sonar Buoy Launcher (multi-tubed)

The above list is just a small portion of the various weapons I have fired over a lifetime (61 years) ... most of these weapons were fired as part of my duties while on active duty in the Army and the Navy (20+ years).

There were only two weapons that I ever carried in combat though ... I carried one of the original AR15 models that were issued prior to the introduction of the M16 ... the second weapon I carried was a 357 magnum long barreled pistol as my personal sidearm ... this was a weapon that I bought from a short timer who was leaving just as I was arriving in-country. I sold it to my replacement for the same deal I made when I originally bought it. I was the sixth person to carry this weapon and I can only wish that number seven was as lucky as I was.

I had a ball with every weapon I ever had anything to do with ... however ... I taught small arms tactics for urban warfare using 38cal pistols, 45cal M1911A1's, 9mm semi-auto Pistol and 12ga Browning military issue pump action Shotguns. These were the weapons that I fired the most rounds from ... thousands and thousands thousands of rounds for all of these models. I was able to draw ammo and use the range whenever I wished as long as I documented the ammo usage and accounted for all rounds. We had a training allowance for ammunition that was very seldom drawn against until I arrived and took over the firing range. I even was able to run a Gun Club for other Sailors and Marines ... military dependents required a special clearance which was hard to come by.

Believe it or not, I even had to train a Marine Lance Corporal how to operate a firing range as a Range Master.
April 15th, 2006  
This is my rifle, this is my GUN, this ones for fighting, this one's for fun...

Every mornin' I get outta bed *snort*, walk to the head *spit*, the lift the toilet seat and fire the gun.
April 16th, 2006  
Military? M-60 and a 105mm howitzer...but it was just a blank round.

Personal? .444 and .45-70 I don't have any of the real cannons like .58 cal.

Dreams? Heh. Anything in the modern arsenal. Mk 19, 155mm howitzer, M240B...
April 17th, 2006  
major liability
As a 16-year-old civlian, the largest gun I've fired so far is a Remington 1100 shotgun.

I hope to one day add the MG-42 and M82 to this list.
April 17th, 2006  
M2HB .50 call Machine Gun, XM203 40mm Grenade Launcher
April 18th, 2006  
but otherwise its the M72 law which is nothing but a toy
The 66 is good fun though hey. First time I fired it I was expecting so much more back blast etc, but for what it is it's pretty cool.

XM203 40mm Grenade Launcher
I guess you used that a fair few years ago if you still call it the XM203.