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October 28th, 2009  
Cadet no more

My 2 years at AFJROTC...
I think I made it to cadet E-5.. lol

My 2 years at NMMI...
Recruit at Training -> c/Private -> c/1LT (Charlie troop XO) -> c/CPT (Charlie Troop Commander) -> c/MAJ (Regimental Operations Officer)
Hardest job (if you do it right) at NMMI would be squad leader.. being in charge of the smallest element is hardest cuz u cant delegate LOL! (well Team Leaders but no such thing at NMMI lol)
October 30th, 2009  
chief master seart civil air patrol
October 30th, 2009  
im just a little privet lol
hope to be a sargent in about a year
November 1st, 2009  
I am Contract PFC in the USMC when I leave in June! and I am still a Cadet MCPO and love every second of it! ha ha even the low points.
November 4th, 2009  
now im privte frist class
in few months a Sargent
November 24th, 2009  
I'm a 1st Lt. Soon to be Captain in AFJROTC.
November 24th, 2009  
Currently a C/Major in AJROTC after 4 years.
February 1st, 2010  
cadet master sergeant AFJROTC
December 2nd, 2010  
Master Sergeant National Cadet Corps (Singapore)
December 2nd, 2010  
Team Infidel
Lieutenant Colonel