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January 19th, 2006  
Navy Boy
Im finnally going to get my C/PO2 rank device tommrow morning in my zero block class yeah!
January 23rd, 2006  
I'm a private for MCJROTC and i might get promoted next week
February 21st, 2006  
well its my first year in my schools AFJROTC program and i have made it up to a C/MSgt (E7) and by the end of next year i hope to be a cadet captain.
February 24th, 2006  
\/ c/LTJG (O-2)
February 25th, 2006  
Love the lightsaber, serpent...I used to know how to do that in PhotoShop, but sadly the skill has been lost due to needing more of my brain for AP Chemistry and the like.
February 25th, 2006  
Navy Boy
February 26th, 2006  
Lol, thanks!

Here's the tutorial I used, if you're curious.
March 12th, 2006  
I am still a Chief. I passed all my Mitchell requerments in October, but then I was asked to be the First Sergeant at encampment, and so I will be as such until May. Then they said that if I do not promote in May, they will 2B my A$$ and I will be kicked out of CAP
May 17th, 2006  
Cadet Staff Sergeant Army JROTC
May 17th, 2006  
Warrant Officer with the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.