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56kbit (Phone line) 4 14.29%
64/128Kbit (ISDN) 2 7.14%
Up to 256Kbit (Broadband) 1 3.57%
Up to 512Kbit (Broadband) 5 17.86%
Up to 768Kbit (Broadband) 4 14.29%
1Mbit or more 12 42.86%
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What kind of Internet connection do you have?
January 21st, 2004  
What kind of Internet connection do you have?
I have Cable. All i can say about it because i just get the Internet i don't look into how fast it is and such :P Going to be upgrading to Blueyonder 2MB soon though (Blueyonder is the Internet Provider i use just incase you were wondering )
January 21st, 2004  
Cable here; it's pretty fast too..its halfway between a T1 and a T3 line. I get about 2.5 mb/s
January 23rd, 2004  
DSL ....and its base DSL so its the slowest....but it beats the hell out of having a friggin 56k connection thats really a 1k connection....which is what we used to have.
What kind of Internet connection do you have?
January 26th, 2004  
dsl 1000 whatever that means, thinking about switching to cable...any input on that?
January 26th, 2004  
Where do you live, it really depends on what service your zoned for.
February 18th, 2004  
56k @ home T3 at school
February 19th, 2004  
56K baby .. it's not too bad, but a pain in the arse to have to keep buying hamsters for the little wheel.
February 19th, 2004  
First time I ever had or used the internet was when I came to school four years ago, so I've never known the joys of dial-up.
April 5th, 2004  
WOW alot of people have a good connection thats cool
April 8th, 2004  
I have DSL which fluctuates between 450k-500k. It's cool. My neighborhood is the only one in South St. Louis with DSL, because it's right next to the Anheiser Busch Brewery. Leftovers to the people! WOOHOO!!
You wanna talk about slow, I used to run a C64 BBS on a 2600 baud modem. I could hit enter, go do a set of sit ups, and come back just in time to see my page load up. Who says nerds are in bad shape?