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More, every country should have a million soldiers. 15 62.50%
Less, large armies are no longer needed. 9 37.50%
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September 24th, 2004  
If you choose to continue the off-toppics, heads will roll.
September 24th, 2004  
I think it largely depends on the nation, whether or not to expand the armies. Take China, it needs a large army so it's current regime can stay alive and repel a occupation. Guerilla warfare, in large numbers, will wear a enemy down eventually. Or take the US, it needs many troopers to expand it's "democratic empire" and/or respond to multiple threats plaguing the world. Or take something like Norway.... it just needs to fulfill it's duties as a member of the UN... so stay small.
September 26th, 2004  
Right it just depends on the countries needs for self defense. But I am in smaller more flexible forces. But this also depends on the enemy you are fighting as well. Plus the size of your other services.
September 27th, 2004  
A Can of Man
It depends on what kind of war your military is designed for. If you are like South Korea who wants an army to fight off invasion, yes you need to get as many people as you can with weapons. In fact by calling up reserves, South Korea fields over a million men. And if things get even more desperate, they can call up even more people.

Now if you want an offensive, globally mobile strike force, you need smaller units with high firepower.
January 3rd, 2011  

Topic: relative military strength

check out militaryfirepower.com or stockholm international peace research institute. the primary criteria for measuring military strength is spending. The USA out spends its nearest competor by 10 fold...something like $515 billion per year. France is number 2 and China is number 3 at 53 billion.
you can also measure airplanes, as its the primary military force today. again USA is overwhelmingly the most powerful by at least 10x.