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February 10th, 2004  

Topic: welcome home

On yesterdays headline, someone said that the soldiers didnt have a welcome or anything. i find that disgusting and unpatriotic. Even if you have to fake the funk.. the closest unit should be making an attempt to greet those soldiers home!!

when i returned home i was greeted by air force personnel at March ... fire engines and god knows who else as well as my family at the reception area...

everyone deserves a ticker tape parade and everyone should say at least thank you and shake a hand or two.. even if you have done it before..
who ever the logistian in that area should be shot and reprimanded for such an act.
February 10th, 2004  
I can't help but be reminded of Vietnam...
February 10th, 2004  
Where was this? Back home they pretty much covered Main Street with banners and the paper put out posters with every service member's picture and name on them when our guys started coming home. Seems like all the hippies should be on this like stink on s**t, seeing as they all "support" our troops, and given their experience with organizing demonstrations and rallies, you'd think they would have had this covered.
February 10th, 2004  
Word Up^

Seriously, go thank a vet today guys, or any active duty member