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View Poll Results :Which country is USA's best ally nowadays?
United Kingdom 22 66.67%
Israel 6 18.18%
Italy 1 3.03%
Poland 0 0%
Australia 1 3.03%
Canada 2 6.06%
Turkey 0 0%
Japan 0 0%
North Korea ( lol...) 1 3.03%
Others 0 0%
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US's best allies.
July 6th, 2004  
England Expects (RAF Cdt)
US's best allies.
Mark, here are a few links for you to assess why Blair has been criticised for the war with Iraq seeing as you asked so nicely.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw admits 45 minute claim was false

Downing Street edits Dossier's content to reduce anti-war case.

Blix criticises Dossier

I'm afraid time constraints have not allowed me to find better information on the subject but I will try and find some more. Hopefully these will give you a bit more of an idea of why Blair has been critiicised, unfortunately they don't address many of the issues relating to why Blair has been 'under fire'.
July 7th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Originally Posted by 1217
Originally Posted by Damien435
And I am sick of these damned hippies saying that it is all about oil, no, it isn't, our gas prices shot up when the war started, they went up a couple of months ago, and are just now going down because SAUDI ARABIA, not Iraq started increasing their output of oil.
You think that if the war in Iraq would be about the oil, the goal would be that the ordinary US citizens would benefit from it? Now I don't want to insult you, but that sounds a bit naive to me. Bush had (has) some friends at Enron, remember? And there's more companies out there who could make some money off this Iraq thing. I'm not saying that this war is about oil, but if it is, the oil prices in the US won't go down because of it. More likely they'll go up...
The USofA gained way more bucks, yearly, from embargoed Iraq than it does now ( virtually nothing ). Saddam was forced to sell his oil underprice because of the embargo. Now... uhm... so is Bush getting richer ? Just gimme a break and get out
October 3rd, 2009  
Off course doubt how they are one another's best buddies...
US's best allies.