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June 13th, 2003  

Picture taken from scandinavian armor:
The ultimate in crowd control!
The Norwegian MRPV Mine clearer....

Hm, just a little joke (if you didn't understand that....)

I don't think that armoured vehicles works in a crowd control situation at all, at least not in urban areas.
In Norway we are training our troops, wich we are going to send abroad,
a lot in crowd control techniques.
The key here, we think, is to use the least possible amount of force.
No weapons, clubs/shields only, (and maybe a watercannon or two ) is enough in most situations.
A well diciplined squad/platoon dressed in riot control gear can be very effective, if they do exactly what they are supposed to do.
One wrong hit with a club can be disastrous in a crowd control situation.
We have had great success in Kosovo with our crowd control techniques.

I think that many countries, including Israel, is using to much force from the beginning, and therefore causing the situation to get out of hand...
Resulting in the "bloodbaths" that media do talk about..

Another "problem" with crowd control is media...
You will at least have 10 cameras pointing at you at all times in a peacekeeping/enforcing mission, and specially in a crowd control situation..
One "wrong" move from one soldier, and the whole world will know about it... And you can guarantee that they will be focusing on the woman/child who is injured/killed, and NOT on the 4 persons behind them who started to shoot/throw rocks etc. at our soldiers first.

And yet another thing is the muslim/Arab culture..
My experience is that they have a very high sence of "honor."
If you do dishonor one, (it doesn't really have to be your fault), then they must defend their honor, and not back out..
A small incident can easilly become a major disaster in a case like this.

And I do agree with you GuyOntheRight: in most situations "winning their hearts and minds" is the best thing
February 7th, 2004  

Topic: they deserve it

I do admit that not all people of Iraq dserve to die, but most civilians are killing more and more americans everyday. The official ruler is gone. They still think that we are the evil-doers. They don't understand that we're just trying to help them and make a better life for them and make sure that they are traeted equally. As humans!
February 8th, 2004  

Topic: accident

Accidents do happen. The marines just thought that a person in the crowd was shooting at them. The only way to protect themselves is to shoot back in the direction fire is coming from. The american man is not a criminal he is a symbol of justice.
"you can kill, but you can't negotiate. In Somelia killing is negotiation."
-"BlackHawk Down"
February 8th, 2004  

Topic: ha

MrmarineJ wrote:
but most civilians are killing
You think "most", i doubt it....But basiclly crowd situations are very diffacult...Rock can kill 2, if you throw enough of them.
February 8th, 2004  
Thats Somalia, where there is no government and the avarge lifespan is like 30.