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July 12th, 2004  

Topic: U.S. Army pictures!

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The Fastest bomber! B-70 (late '50s) Speed of 2100mph! Cruising on icredible altitude 73000feet, with speed of 2000mph(3300kmph)

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July 12th, 2004  
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July 12th, 2004  
Mark Conley
uncle Sam...That B-70 was a plane near and dear to my heart.

Yep, it was supposed to be a mach 3 bomber..all the way to the target and back. Its escort was supposed to be the AF-12, the fighter version of the SR-71.

This bomber also flew at high altitudes using a method called compression lift. When the plane obtained its cruising altitude, the two winglets would drop down to provide stability, and a means to temporally trap air under the aircraft to provide more lift at the higher altitude. The heatsink themselves were ingenious: heat was allowed to absorb into the planes fuel tanks in the wings and body.

The men were enclosed in escape pods to allow them to eject from the aircraft at high speeds and survive. In short, so many innovations were used on this aircraft, it hard to tell what was carried over to the super sonic transports and B-1 .

Thanks for posting the links...it really brings back good memorys..
July 13th, 2004  
nice pics!
July 13th, 2004  
These are much smaller

F-85 Goblin!

July 13th, 2004  
your kidding me...
those things actually fly?
July 13th, 2004  
Flying Forever - McDonnell XF-85 Goblin
SAC men who had flown in World War 2 remembered how much difference the P-51 escorts made when they could escort bombers all the way to Berlin, and still wanted fighter escorts into the post-war years.

The McDonnell XF-85 Goblin was designed to meet a USAAF requirement for a single-seat 'parasite' escort fighter that could be carried by a large bomber. Development of two prototypes was ordered in March 1947.

The resulting design was entirely the product of design contraints, which required it to fit into the bomb bay of a B-36 (although it was actually to be tested under a B-29).

A short rotund fuselage was fitted with low/mid set foldable swept wings, of 21 ft 1 ins. (6.44 m.) span. It was powered by a Westinghouse J34-WE-7 turbojet, of 3000 lb. (1361 kg) thrust.

There was no landing gear except for emergency skids. The fighter was intended to return to the parent aircraft and dock with a trapeze, by means of a retracting hook.

The first flight of the Goblin was made on 23rd August, 1948 from a Boeing EB-29B parent ship. After a little over two hours it became obvious that turbulence around the bomber created difficult control problems.

It was also soon realised that the small fighter could not achieve the speed and manouverability to compete with anticipated hostile aircraft, and the design was abandoned.

The concept was subsequently taken up with the FICON project, using adaptions of a conventional fighter type.
July 14th, 2004  
I like those jets that were made in the late 40s and 50s. Their designs were so spectacular and strangely attractive and varied. Nowadays we don't have many new jets. When I was a kid, F-14, F-15, F-16... now 30 years later...still F-14, F-15, F-16. So there won't be new plastic scale models to make, too. All you see on the toy shop shelf are again F-14, F-15, F-16...
July 14th, 2004  
F-22 ?
July 14th, 2004  
Italian Guy
I like them all. Good job uncle 8) .