U.N. May Abandon Afghan Effort

December 13th, 2003  

Topic: U.N. May Abandon Afghan Effort


This is crazy. Ive already lost complete faith in what the UN is doing around the world, but to pull out of Afghanistan would certainly lead to an eventual NATO pullout, and a situation in which we have the US doing everything alone. I feel we must remind the world and the UN that the Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists are NOT JUST A US problem, but THE WORLDS PROBLEM.

Yes I am biased towards the UN, I openlly dont like them at times. But to leave now would definetly break the American peoples trust in them, regardless of political affiliation.
December 13th, 2003  
If UN leaves Afghanistan, And makes the NATO leave too.

Well, I can assure you that they can go and seriously screw themselves, Sorry for my language.

But that is a thing who actually pisses me off!

Sweden, NATO, UN can go hand in hand in to accept the "We are damn cowards, and not doing a sh*t to the world"-award.

UN is good in some things, but to leave US hanging down there would be a such a stupid thing.

Seriously, I never heard anything more ridicoulus.

Damn, Now I feel that I should be down there helping you guys down there.


God, How do some people think?

And why are US the only country smart enough to do anything against terrorism!?!?

God, For once I believe in the US!

And as I have told some friends before...

My faith and hope lies in the US soldiers fighting for justice down there.

Just bomb the place and get it over with, making it a parking lot so I can park my car there..

I get so sick of this..

It's awful that some innocent dies, but for making the world a better place - I think it's worth it.

Excuse my language again..

But UN and everyone who is stopping to believe in the US soldiers and plitics against Terrorism should go back to where they belong and keep being @ss wipers for the big d*ck heads in the office where they belong.

I gotta go take some deep breathes and a smoke and chill down.

Now I got into a really bad mood.
December 13th, 2003  
Nobody realizes the US is the only thing from keeping the UN from falling apart. So we should leave the UN and let the rest of the world squirm. We would suddenly draw the lines very clear if there is no UN. You would be on the side of the US or on your own and prolly against us. Let them leave we have done everything by ourselves and will continue to until the job gets done. That's the way it ought to be. SCREW EVERYONE! US will rule the world like it or not!
December 13th, 2003  

UN can't leave Afghanistan now, but I can understand some of their reactions...
Security for UN personell is very important.

One of the "problems" being in a UN Peace Keeping mission is your Rules of Engagement.
They are very strict, and you have some real challenges defending yourself at times.
You can't fire your weapon unless you, or some of your friends are in mortal danger, and even if they are you have to fire a warning shot first...
But if you have the time to fire a warning shot, then it can be argued whether you are in mortal danger or not......
You must alwasy use minimum force, and that means no heavy weapons, (or weapons at all....)
Most of the time when I was in South Lebanon we had to rely on our diplomatic skills, not being allowed to use our weapons.
I have been in several situations down there where a NATO force probably would have use all force available, but we had to solve the "problem" without firing a single shot...
Therefore it's a real challenge to have UN personell in a "hot" area.

But if UN leaves Afghanistan now, NATO may follow, and that would mean a great tragedy for the country...
UN and NATO has to cooperate more down there to secure the UN personell.
But this is also a problem, to mix UN and NATO is not always "political" correct either...

We (Norway) have just sent more troops down to Afghanistan now, to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).
I would really have liked to joined them myself, but I have to wait a couple of years untill my daughter gets a bit older....
December 13th, 2003  

US gonna rule?

Ehem, That is like.. Exaggerating things.

Hmm, But in a way, It is about to come where US is going to take over.

They are like a snake crawling into a rat pit to take down one by one.

So, I can tell you.

Sweden buy in so much shit from Us now so I am about to burst.

But I don't complain!

I like Burgers.. And peanut butter with marmelade.. Hehe..

So please US, Come and grab Sweden and make it a place where REAL military men lives!!

I will be waiting...

December 13th, 2003  
The problem is our ROEs are what they are because international news sources tend to focus largly on civilian casualties, pinning the blame on the military. Lets face it, the UN security council as well as the European powers of NATO are greatly influenced by France, Germany, and in the UNs case, Russia. Since France and Germany have suddenly claimed themselves as pacifist nations, and since other UN contributers like Pakistan, Malaysia, and Nigeria wont fight in Afgahnistan because of their largly Islamic ideology, US forces are meant to stick it out. Thank God for all those Europeans who do fight along with us, including variouse SF efforts (I know Norway has some people working in Tora Bora), but more has to be done.
February 15th, 2004  

Topic: needed

We need the U.N. Their the only ones who can help send info. and people and researchers. We need them now more than ever. They are whats hold this operation together. They are our only chance. If they give up matters are taken into our hands. Then all hell will break loose!!!