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August 25th, 2004  
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August 26th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Doc.S
Europe is having domestic problems to take any decisions thanks to the EU membership. No country want to take a road map and show the rest were to go and it has its roots in the different domestic political situations you can find in every country in Europe.

Why not a big support because sweden for an example are built up on a minority government with the socialists, the Left Party and the Green Party that builds our government. That is a so called green and red mixture that all have in common no war and special not with or togheter with the USA. If they would do something like that our socialist party would loose its majority because the Left Party and then the Green Party would run away.

The right wing was for an active support on the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan but this Green Red mixture has effective stoped any such involvements. But to send troops down to africa is no problem for our government thats for sure. Half of our best armoured forces are down there and having a peace mission all in the name of the UN.

Sweden has become a haven for international terrorist and have been that for a while, because according to our laws we do not hand out persons to other states if they can be subjects for death penaltys or torture and another good reason is that in sweden we got all the technology that different terrorist or as it is called "sleeping cells" needs to do their transactions and other work in the dark as planing and so on, that is an known fact for any sweed that have any insight in the real reality of my own country. SMILE BIG SMILE!

"But if I see Usama Bin Ladin who should I contact? I would not be stupid to alert my own authorites that would be a great misstake for sure. US embassy is to risky with our intelligence on the other side of the line." Active role in the antiterrorist war can`t be swedens advertising slogan thats for sure. Sweden is probably one of EUs biggest turncoats in the whole union.


Sweden have military advisors in Afghanistan. Aswell as support with money of the restoration of afghanistan :P

But yeah, true about the terrorism things.
August 26th, 2004  
Troop Rupert: I said the UK acts like a colony....sometimes I wonder if England really questions the US agenda....but that's me!!
As far as Europe goes, sure the ties are there but England kind of drags its feet on many issues...come on! you have the chunnel and free flow of illegal immigration now! That is a European value! :P

French soldiers have been manning the streets of Paris since the Algerians blew nail bombs in our streets....sure Paris is dirty (no trash bins)...but we had to choose between the bins and the nail bombs.
Germany, Italy, Greece...soldiers too at airports, train stations...
Our terrorism was Muslim too as I said on an earlier post....Fatah, Black september, PLO, Hamas...and our european terrorists were trained in their camps by the Arafat s and Quadafis...
They hi-jacked planes, blew up planes, kidnapped and slaughtered CEOs, car bombed barracks, bombed night clubs or train station, took hostages, hi-jacked cruise boats...

I was taking the bullet train from Paris to some location south of france with my tank company one day in 1995. We were wearing our uniforms. That was the heights of Vigie Pirate, our anti-terror deployment of joint patrols with the police. Anyways. Train leaves and a passenger finds a lonely suitcases between two cars. 2oomph....I understand his worries. He takes the suitcase and while looking for a controller, sees me, drops it on my laps saying it could be a bomb and goes away...
That is the atmosphere we live in now...nothing close to your life in Israel but nothing close to the life of my the way, I took the suitcase to the end of the train, we moved people one car up, and disembarked the suitcase at the next station...
August 27th, 2004  
Europe has had to deal with terrorism a lot longer than the US has.
I think in britain we do question the US agenda as we seem to be following it blindly led by blair.
Europe/EU has screwed britain in the past that is why we are dragging our feet, and many of us, me included dont want to see britain dragged into a euopean superstate which will not benefit us.
August 27th, 2004  
Yeah, the USA was all blissfully unaware of the concept of global terrorism and we got the biggest wakeup call ... ever. I don't know of any peacetime terrorist attack that surpasses the 9/11 attacks. Before, we knew what terrorism was, but we hadn't really dealt with the realities of firsthand.
August 27th, 2004  
Yeah sadly america did get a terrible wake up call,

Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 00:07 am Post subject:


The US and Israel seem to react to the constant threat of terrorism a little differently. Rather than:
1.) voting against every proposal that Arabic/Muslim countries don't like,
2.) backing down when threatened (Spain)
3.) continually try to blow sunshine up the collective asses of Islam, and
4.) angrily protest anyone who tries any other approach.

... the US and Israel
1.) use all their resources to find and remove terrorist organizations,
2.) attack and/or remove threats at their source where possible,
3.) promote global policies to work against terrorism from every possible direction.

I guess I just don't understand the approach adopted by most European countries. Seems awfully counterproductive. Obviously, these are general rules and don't cover everything.

Interesting that you picked israel and USA as they are in two completely different boats. You could argue that europe is in the same position as israel in that we have terrorism at home and we are fighting terrorism in our own countries and that is for eg spain more important than fighting terrorists abroad as it affects us more directly. USA is in a different situation in that you dont have any terrorist groups Your terrorist threat is from abroad and you have to go abroad to fight it which is far more public then fighting the terrorists in your own country.