Tribute to the Regiments of Scotland Past and Present,

October 16th, 2004  

Topic: Tribute to the Regiments of Scotland Past and Present,

Tribute to a Scottish Soldier

Here's to the men of the Scottish Division
From the time the world began
And here is to the Pipes and drums as they march
Each man to serve his Clan
Remember the Seaforths, the Camerons, the Argylls
The Black Watch, the Gordons with their cocky wee smiles
The Cameronians, The Royal Scots and the KOSB
The HLI, the Greys and the Bold Fusilier with a glint in his eee'
Think of their honors, in battles they have won
Think of the fathers, the brothers, the sons
Think of the scars that we cannot see
And the lands far away ,that they have set free
Now Honor these men from the present to the past
With great pride in your heart and thoughts that will last
by JB
October 18th, 2004  
Mark Conley
I honor the scots..for without their family would have never made it to Ireland...and freedom.

October 18th, 2004  
My dad used to serve in the Gordon Highlanders, a proud regiment sadly now consigned to history.

It's a damm shame we're gonna lose some more of thse proud regiments in the latest British Army shake-up.
October 19th, 2004  

Topic: Ref The Gordons

My Uncle was in the Gordon Highlanders in ww2 he died in a jap POW camp after the fall of Singapore,,,he was the only one in whole family both sides who never joined the Black Watch, but the army service finished at myself a 'Tartan Jock'', my son he was in Argylls and Sutherland Highlanders,and like many Scots now stays in USA,but afraid I will die here have no cravings for sunshine and fast life ,Scots Families have always been patriotic to there regiments,its a great honour to serve for your country(Scotland)

Im a Scotsman not a British anyone can be that ,,it just takes a passport.
Alba gu Brath