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October 17th, 2011  

Topic: Training in the American Military

I recently got into a debate with a Canadian guy. He said that Canada's military is superior to America's and that many nations around the world recognize the training of US soldiers as sub-par. Seemed strange to me because many of the best units in the world are American. Was he just trying to talk up his own country's military or did he have a point? If you can could you post links with your replies? I'd like to stick it to him with indisputable proof if possible.
October 17th, 2011  
Originally Posted by beaufortninja
Seemed strange to me because many of the best units in the world are American. .
How would you know?
Links to this and that wouldn´t mean **** to the topic, would it?

American units currently have the most combat experience.
That doesn´t mean they are the best trained although one could argue that all those lessons learned had to be used somewhere.
Then again, been hearing alot of rumors about units deploying for the first time and all the stupid **** they pull.
That goes across the board though.

Who teaches the best field craft?
Only chance of proving that is to go through them all nd make an unbiased assessment afterwards.

Otherwise it is just a pissing contest.

KJ sends..
October 17th, 2011  
Great information. Thanks so much for contributing.
October 17th, 2011  
Here's the deal...things are done slightly different throughout the worlds professional militaries. When things are done differently in ones eyes, the knee jerk reaction is that it's wrong...Key thing to remember is that different isn't wrong if it's effective. All militaries have the units that everyone roles their eyes at, but, for the most part, the vast majority of US units are well trained and have proven effective across the board. Are there better trained militaries in the world...of course. The UK, Aussies, and yes the Canadians could make a very compelling argument that they are "better" trained than their American counterparts. I could venture to say that initially there are several militaries throughout the world that produce better trained privates than the US. Meaning that after their initial training they are better trained than the average US soldier...but, with time comes experience and there is a balance between both training and experience. The US spends gobs and gobs of money to continue that training process of their soldiers throughout their military career through field problems, war games, NTC/JRTC rotations and the ever present deployment. Over time I would say that most professional soldiers level out. A high ranking NCO in the Canadian Army can probably chew rocks as well as any Command Sergeant Major in the US Army. The fact of the matter is "who cares?" If it's effective, then what's the problem...only rookies and amateurs get wrapped around the axle of "who's better" The pros focus on mission accomplishment and taking care of soldiers.
October 20th, 2011  
To take a quote from Gen. Patton;'We have the best food, the best trained, the best equitment, and the best weapon's.' If only he were alive to see how far the Military has come. We've reduced the number of casualties, we've learned, adapted and are still over-coming the enemy. The one thing that needs to my opion, is the U.S. Soldier is NOT a rebuilding and Political, Government making Army. That to me is what Poloticians are for-not the Military. The MRE's have gotten better over the years, the food at the DFAC, facility has gotten really better. Due to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars-has brought all the services together. I would never have thought that an Airman, Navy, would be in the Trenches together-but they are. I'm for getting the USMC and Special Forces as well. Canada, doesn't have thing over our U.S. Forces. The Nations that need assistance call our Armed Services first! Not Canada, or any other Country. It's the U.S. Military who's providing help, water and food. The U.N. is a joke. They are like the French. If they see trouble, all you see of them is there back-sides. We do have the Best Military Services in the World!!!
October 20th, 2011  
As per General Forum Rule #10: No country vs. country threads are allowed (would X beat Y, my country is better than yours etc..) Almost all of these kind of threads have turned real nasty in the past! Historical country vs. country threads are still allowed.

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