Top Ten Reasons Joe Torre Quit

October 20th, 2007  
Team Infidel

Topic: Top Ten Reasons Joe Torre Quit

Top Ten Reasons Joe Torre Quit

10 Yankees wanted to pay him in Radio Shack gift certificates

9 Got caught stealing Rosin bags

8 Joining cast of the Broadway musical "Legally Blonde"

7 Wants to manage a winning team like the Colorado Whatever-Their-Name-Is

6 Couldn't bear the grind of sitting on his ass watching baseball another second

5 Looking to focus on managing his fantasy baseball team

4 Wants to go someplace more peaceful -- like Fallujah

3 5 million dollars a year -- how's the man supposed to live?

2 Doesn't want to be working when he's 90, like Letterman

1 Even Yogi Berra told him, "It's over"
October 20th, 2007  
October 22nd, 2007  
Very nice!!!

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