Time for Hack to Shut Up - Page 2

March 30th, 2004  
Kevin J. Mansfield
To: GuyontheRight,
Did you bother reading the column in question or did you just misunderstand it? My take on it is that Hack felt the Marine in question deserved more than a Bronze Star for Valor. He suggests the marine deserved a Navy Cross or perhaps even a Medal of Honor! Col. Hackworth is a voice in the wilderness-he is unique. I can't think of another journalist since Ernie Pyle who has been so dedicated to sticking up for the Troops, the Enlisted Men, the guys who actually do the fighting! Far from wishing him to shut up-we need to hear more from him! I have the honour to remain,
Your Most Humble Obedient servant,
Kevin J. Mansfield,
Adkins, Texas.
March 30th, 2004