the three men

May 5th, 2005  

Topic: the three men

there was a Scottish man, an Irish man, and an English man working on a construction site they were all really fed up of the lunched they received. each lunch was packed by their wives.

the Scotsman sweared that if he got a cucumber sandwich the nest day he would jump off the top of the scaffolding.
the English man also vowed this if he ever got a ham sandwich the next day
the Irishman also vowed this if he ever got a cheese and tomato sandwich th next day.

the next day all 3 men opened their lunch packs unfortunately the Irish an got a cheese and tomato sandwich ... so he jumped off th scaffolding and died.

at th funeral the Irishman's wife was crying profusely the Englishman and Scotsman's asked why she was crying because she was the one who in effect killed him
she replied, "that just the point .... he insisted on packing his own lunch that day!"
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