Thinking of joining a PMC?

March 28th, 2011  

Topic: Thinking of joining a PMC?

Hello I am thinking of joining a private military company when I get out of active duty army in 2014. I would like to hear some opinions on whether or not I would qualify for the job and what I would have to do to get in.

1.MOS 11B Infantry for 7 years active duty army.
2.Served in Korea for 18 months.
3.Completed 2 tours to Iraq consisting of 26 months.
4. Last tour I was Brigade Level PSD team leader for a colonel and command sergeant major
5. Soon will be entering my third tour to Iraq as PSD once again for a battalion commander.
6. E-5(P)
7. Hold a secret clearance.
8.Sniper qualified from USASS, Ft. Benning GA.
9 No history of UCMJ.
10. Only been arrested once for 1st degree assault however this charge was declined by the state.
11. Currently owe 18,000 dollars in back child support due to recent court order but am current on child support payments.

Any opinions on my unique circumstance? Much appreciated, thank you.
March 29th, 2011  
-- Dusty
Go where the money's at.
March 29th, 2011  
I was wondering if anyone on here had any insight. No reason to get aggresive. Ever heard of expanding your resources?

If you can't help me then you can't help me no reason to start bad mouthing someone.

It's also obvious you must have a clean criminal record and stable financial history within the past 7 years. So section 10 and 11 doesn't sound too crazy. I figured someone useful currently in a PMC or who has experience with one could enlighten me on the matter on this forum but I suppose I was wrong.

No big deal. See yall later.
March 29th, 2011  
Members here are suspicious to posts like that for a reason, several semi-serious PMCs have actually spammed us in the past starting with posts similar to your first post here, and you did also start two threads with the exact same content.
March 29th, 2011  
sorry i just signed up and didnt think my post went through the first time because it didnt show up after i refreshed it.
March 29th, 2011  
You have me to thank/blame for that. The international news section wasn't the right place for it, so I moved it here.

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