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December 7th, 2004  
Thank you !
December 9th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Wow.. a Brazilian chick.. hey hey nevermind 03USMC! Here's me now!
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Topic: naval language

Heave - pull

Avast - stop

port - left

stbd - right

Stand too - stop/ stand fast in what your doing

So thats a few basics, though the navy was feeling left out lol
December 9th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Roberta
Any idea of what button up or unbutton mean ?
so many good callls are just waiting to be said

welcome to the forums
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Topic: naval terms

Above: Upward, higher, as to go above; above the flight deck

Aft: Toward the stern

Athwartship: At a right angle to the centerline, as a passageway which runs from port to starboard as opposed to fore and aft.

Below: Downward, beneath, as to lay below; below the flight deck.

Bow: The forward end of a ship or boat.

Bridge: Area in the superstructure from which the ship is operated.

Bulkhead: A vertical partition, never called a wall.

Chow: Food

Deck: 1. Shipboard floor, horizontal plating which divides a ship into layers.
2. Shipboard floors from Main deck and below numbered 1, 2, 3.
Fantail: The after end of the main deck.

Forecastle, Foc'sle: Forward section of the deck on which the anchor handling equipment is located. Forward section of the 02 level on the Carl Vinson.

Frame: An athwartship beam which provides structural strength to a ship.

Galley: Space where food is prepared. Never called a kitchen.

Hatch: A square or rectangular access in a deck.

Island: Superstructure on the starboard side of the flight deck on an aircraft carrier.

Ladder: A shipboard flight of steps. Never called stairs.

Level: Shipboard floors above the main deck. Numbered 0-1, 0-2, 0-3.

Main Deck: Highest watertight (complete) deck aboard ship. On aircraft carriers, the hangar deck is the main deck.

Mess: 1. Place where meals are eaten, such as Mess Decks, Captain's Mess, etc.
2. A group who takes meals together, such as officer's mess or chief's mess.
Midwatch: (The Mid) The watch which begins at 0000 and ends at 0400.

Mid Rats: (Midnight Rations) Meal served around midnight for those crewmembers going on or off watch.
OOD: Officer of the Deck
Overhead: The underside of a deck from the overhead of the compartment next below. Never called a ceiling.

Passageway: A corridor used for interior horizontal movement aboard ship.

Port: To the left of the centerline when facing forward.

Scuttle: Round, watertight opening in a hatch.

Scuttlebutt: 1. Drinking fountain.
2. A rumor.
Second Deck: First deck below the main deck.

Secure: 1. To make fast, as to secure a line to a cleat.
2. To cease, as to secure from a fire drill.
Sickbay: Shipboard space used as a hospital or medical center.

Square away: To put in proper place, to make things shipshape.

Starboard: Right of centerline when facing forward

Stateroom: A living compartment for an officer.

Stern: The aftermost part of a vessel.

Topside: General term referring to a weather deck.

Wake: Trail left by a vessel moving through the water.

Wardroom: Officer's messing compartment.

Weather Deck: Any deck exposed to the elements; a deck outside the skin of the ship.
December 9th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Italian Guy
Wow.. a Brazilian chick.. hey hey nevermind 03USMC! Here's me now!
December 9th, 2004  
Italian Guy
I was born Italian, y'know...
December 9th, 2004  
Now Now boys!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks Anya1982
All these expressions are very interesting !

Guys , thanks for the warm welcome. I joined this Forum to get some information , but to be honest , I thought that people would not give me too much attention since I am not a militar! So, thank you for being so nice!
Can I bother you guys a little bit more ?
Do you know what neutral steer is? From what I understood , it is something related to a position of the wheels in a vehicle???
Any idea of what " coil " and " traveling" are?
Ok, and to be really boring, can you guys tell me if there is difference between the commands " Fire " and " Commence Fire" ?
I know, I know , I am being really boring!!
December 10th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Wow she sounds so enthusiastic 8)