Tame or not

June 18th, 2004  

Topic: Tame or not

thought I posted a reply (new) the blokes over 60'000 in a few out russians in how many in out? I do hope our troops do not go for the pot like rhe russians. Story true or not ? why back when the english dressed for the evening meal. Well after dinner the col. was out side the tent having a after dinner cigar and got potted by a afghan, after the investigation the shooter was found he said how could i not shoot a nice red target. Now this is as true as can get a t/v program about when they were kicking the russians out in a afghan, village they caught a spy afghan. and wanted to keep him alive but why waste time on guarding hem so they brke both knee caps. Ok the last thing try to get the movie the horseman shows a bit about the people well one more thing got a tape about alexander the great. Now that guy could kick ass haven't got to afghan yet but tyhe tribe in afg. the starts with ph. ther still think the are still keeping things for alex. Kind of windy
June 18th, 2004  

How about heading over to the Welcoming Center and giving us an introduction.