Tactical weapons in Taiwan (what if)

March 4th, 2011  

Topic: Tactical weapons in Taiwan (what if)

We all know the precarious situation in Taiwan, which declares it's independence, however China on the other hand declares it still part of China.

However, many around the world today think that it is only a matter of time until China prepares to take Taiwan by force, and enter armed conflict with the small Island Nation.

However this is not a what if topic about a conventional invasion, but more or less a topic on what if Taiwan had battlefield delpyoable and grade nuclear weapons.

Tactical nuclear muntions that would be used against a impending Chinese amphibious attack force.

In that instance, even if the number of nuclear weapons were only in the hand full catergory, even a small number of bombs could change history, much like the influence of states today that have only a small arsenal, like Pakistan and North Korea.

Now the question is this:

*What would China's reaction be if Taiwan aquired these weapons in seceret and had them delpoyed in the field at the time of an invasion.

* Would Taiwan use these weapons to eliminate any Chinese attack force once inland, or on the shoreline.

* Would the Taiwanese military be in such a state after the intial stages of an Chinese occupation to require the release of these types of battlefield nuclear weapons.

* And lastly, how would China Retaliate? Would China respond and reduce Taiwan to cinders? Or attack the country that gave Taiwan the tactical nuclear weapons in the first place? Or upon discovery saying they did discover the weapons , would then not invade at all?

Now this is a serious anaylisis of the topic more over than a set debate, just a probing of situations that would occur once a certain factor is added, in this case tactical nuclear weapons.

So anything relating to it is pretty much open for speculation,

So please, I am eager to here anyone's thoughts on this scenario.
June 5th, 2013  
These china and Taiwan are junkies, they are rude and bullies here in the pacific. MeAnwhile Japan is a sitting duck because of the treaty that banned them for a century without any weapons or task force. This china is the most bully here in se Asia., they kept on pushing that the small atolls here in the Philippines belong to them, just trying to make an subject to create war here in the pacific, but if that happened we will prove and slap them in the face just like history did to them before, nanjing 1937 they outnumbered Japanese task force outside there walls, but **** happens they were the ones who got there money a good run.
June 5th, 2013  
They never won any international engagement yet. Since 10000000 bc.
June 13th, 2013  
Originally Posted by Yossarian
We all know the precarious situation in Taiwan, which declares it's independence, however China on the other hand declares it still part of China.
You think too much, The history already tell us the Taiwanese are cowards, Very little Japanaese can killed ,ruled and tortured these Taiwanese cowards easily in world war 2 .
These Taiwanese just love moneys, they would never shed their blood for their so-call "indenpendant! " If the CCP attack Taiwan, I bet the Taiwanese run away immediately!

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