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July 14th, 2009  
Originally Posted by EladBell
as a german u ought to know that the panzer and the tiger were considered the best tanks in the world..
ill end my post here
Yeah well I was referring to the current thread, but you are right- please ignore the 'ever'
July 14th, 2009  
this was not what i meant.
July 14th, 2009  
Alright, cause im annoyed at the extreme bias, ive done some reading on both the T-90 and Leopard 2, and have come to the conclusion that both the T-90 and the Leopard 2 are both very good tanks [Cant wait to get flamed: "Oh so sorry but Russia is inferior in every aspect compared to the west heil Abrams!"]

More than likely, the Leopard is a bit better.

You have to take into account that the thickness of the armour on the T-90 is CLASSIFIED, thus we dont know how thick the armour is [The problem is armor these days is mostly composite and involves different mixes of different materials like plastics, ceramics, depleted uranium and steel in different amounts, which offer different advantages for protection]. We can guess that the T-90 uses a pretty good version of the Kontakt-5 or perhaps the new "Relikt" ERA.
Also, the T-90's 125mm smoothboore turret also can fire Svir ATGM [Though the Leopards Rheinmetall turret can also probably fire ATGM's]

Back to armour, the T-90 has the Shtora-1 countermeasures suite, which is basically "A burger with the lot". the Shtora system can also locate where the threat came from and plot a firing plan for the main gun, so that the tank crew can return fire [Pretty nifty if it shoots out its aerosal smoke canisters and jams a ATGM with its pulsed-infrared jamming system-thingy].

The T-90 also has NBC protection equipment, KMT mine sweepers, a automatic fire-fighting system and an en-suite jakuzzi [Notice the sarcasm in the last bit].

Im not really comparing it with the Leopard, its just im sick of seeing so many replies like "Its sucks because its from Russia" and "If its Russian, you can count that it is 30 years behind western technology".

Just be cool.
July 14th, 2009  
listen you realy should not get to offended of those things'because after all.russia does have good equipment but in compare to the western equipments and hardware,come on,it hsares nothing and that means it gets nothing in return,the Leopard is built from few countries not only German,so is the Abrams and the challanger,from the early 70s the birtish and the Israelis worked together on tanks and equipment and it was like thata with the franch to.
the russians on the other hand had thier Iron curtian and share nothing,so it got nothing in return,that is why they have only thier tech which is not enough for todays battle fields.
July 14th, 2009  
The two tanks are very diffrent. I have no doubt that the Leopard in its 2A6 version is better protected, as there is no magic armor that compensates for the diffrence in weight between the tanks. No, not even the Kontact 5 which is a very very good ERA.Shotra is a good system, but dont they use ARENA for the T-90? Hard kill beats soft kill, you cant jam or screen a RPG29 or a APFSDS-DU round, but you can knock them out of the sky.

other than that we can argue all day long...
July 14th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Zastava, you're asking all the wrong questions. You're getting Russian equipment that is obviously inferior and then asking how it would fare against better equipment head to head. The answer is obvious.

If you look at some of our threads, I have actually supported Russian equipment on more than a few occasions.
It really depends on what you want to do.
I've actually said that Russian utility helicopters would actually get my nod over a lot of Western utility helicopters. They're more rugged, simpler and carry more. Also they are much cheaper. What would I want for a bus on rotor blades? I want a Russian Mi-17 or Mi-24.
What would I supply a guerilla army, an AK-47 or an M-16? I'd pick the AK-47.

You work with their strengths and their weaknesses. You don't just go, "will this Russian tank, which I **** over because it's Russian, beat state of the art German tanks?" Your answer is, as Monty said, 99/100, NO.
July 15th, 2009  
Your just being stereotypical. Its not a T-72 that they sold to bloody Iraq, this is actually better.

Do you think I give a flying f*ck or a rats sh*t about Russia? Wait, oh no! Look at my name! ZASTAVA ARMS!

Obviously, as our much accurate Fox News reported, he must be a ultra-nationalist Serb that supports the death of Muslims, and must be in love with Russia! Oh noez!

Let me put a few facts straight:
1. I am not a Nationalist, Communist, Neo-Fascists, Capitalist etc etc. I dont give a crap if Putin turns out to be a Nationalist or if Obama is actually a neo-fascist. Whoever is good, is good. Regardless of political beleif.

2. I dont beleive In god/allah or any religion. And yes, it is possible for a Serb to not be Christian, it is not a crime against one of newtons law of physics.

3. I love Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia. Infact, I dont think we should exist. We should just be "Yugoslavia". Once again, it is possible for a Serb not to be racist.

4. I like both Russian and American equipment. Yes, it is possible for a Serb to like the latter aswell, even though you bombed the living f*ck out of us in 1999. Man, Clinton is a stooge.

5. The only reason im supporting Russians so extensively because, obviously, they are under-represented. Sure, lots of their equipment isnt as good as American ones, but the same is true vice-versa. Oh wait, am i wrong? oh wait, F-22 Stealth LOL OMFG HAIL AMERICA!
July 15th, 2009  
jee,whats wrong pal?
how old u said u were? 14?
you have so much to learn before you could even speak about all the stuff you wrote about Communists facists Capitalism ETC ETC and hell lot of time before you could read the Political map as good as the guys here can.
and im only 18 years old and im saying this because at those 4 years from 14-18...and especially before the military service u begin to see not only balcks and whites but also greys.
so take it easy mate,try leaning and not preaching now
July 15th, 2009  
My country has seen a mix of all of them.

Oh wait! No! Serbia is a entirely fascist state and Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev are the actual dictators of the country! Who shall save Serbia?
Look, its a bird! Its a plane! Wait, no, its the AMERICAN DREAM!

Shame its always a nightmare.
July 15th, 2009  
as i said,seemes like you only write things u heard from the news.

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