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Precision bombed economic sites- deterrence 2 18.18%
Invaded (probably WMD in there anyways!) 2 18.18%
Invaded 0 0%
...nothing yet 7 63.64%
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December 14th, 2004  
Other methods than force should be used.

Friendship and bribery will be more effective in the long run than the US trying to re-hash the middle east.
December 14th, 2004  
seems like too many of you all listen to the news and don't actually know the real facts. When you been out there and dealt with the 1st hand from the start iran is not the threat...............usa is making iran the threat by bullying them into it......................don't any one jump down my throat at this but america have been known to over react a little and not listent o correct warnings. I could inform people of alot of things that should of happened during certain times but reasons say i can't.

Syria should be dealt with bu tin a correct manner not jumping downt he throats
Facts? Hmm? Nice Iranian civilians are a fact of.......?

Anyways, Syria, they need to have lots of pressure put on them, can't let another Ho Chi Minh Trail come stay open. If they don't comply, then I would be in favor of bully bombing runs.

Iran, probably the best way to silence Iran would be to extend the MAD policy- that is, if a nuclear weapon is used inside the US or her allies, Iran will be held responsible. Course this could backfire if the terrorist got their nuclear weapon from somewhere else and don't care about Iran- becasuse Iran would surely cover the rest of the US with bombs before she fell.
December 14th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Rocco is fundamentally right. We should use all our mighty (i.e. the U.S. military predominance) in the wisest way. The wisest way means disarming all this small rogue countries by means of both military threat (locelized precison bombing) and diplomatic efforts (See Lybia, where however the Iraqi example and the growing influence of the internal muslim groups played a major role too).

As a result, Egoz 's post takes the point entirely.

I don't agree with any of Anya's opinions.
December 17th, 2004  
* its with Syria's blessing that Iran's hezbollah puppets massacred americans and israelis for a number of years now.
*Syria is a dictatorship, who is controlling lebanon, helped the PLO wipe out lebanons christian so that they no longer are majorit.
* Syria has invaded and kept parts of Jordan (something most of you dont know)
* Syria has invaded israel twice, and tried another time but was stopped by israeli pre-emptive strike
* Syria is a safehouse for terrorism
* Syria was responsible for hundreds of attacks on israels north until the golan was captured. now they just do the same from the lebanese side, tis was the predominant reason why israel invadedsouthern lebanon.
* Syria in its current state, can never integrate itself to western society

and even with its lack of free media, trials for suspected criminals and human rights abuses, the Political puppet known as the U.N. has made syria part of the defence council, talk about irony. this world makes no sense.
December 18th, 2004  
Good points, Rocco!
December 18th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
here is something else about Syria

My platoon sergeant was in Ranger Battalion during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was near the Iraq/Syria border and said that his unit laid waste to hundreds of foriegn fighters who crossed the border into Iraq.

It was interesting he said that because CNN and other media outlets said the western borders were "not secure."