Supreme Court to Consider D.C. Handgun Ban - Page 3

November 27th, 2007  
Originally Posted by mmarsh
And if anyone is really foolish enough to take up arms against the United States simply because they disagree with that ruling, how long do you think you would last? The fact is, you would be a red smear on the pavement faster than it took you to finish reading this message. You can count on that.
Any Armed Rebellion could in turn cause the Federal Government to step in and further restrict Private Gun Ownership, perhaps Nationally..... of course, if such were to take place there will no doubt be those who attempt to rewrite History, and try to say that the Government stepped in to Round-Up the Legally Owned Guns from totally Law Abiding Citizens, and, that action in turn caused an Armed Rebellion.
November 27th, 2007  
A Can of Man
I guess all of you have a point but white can be argued and interpreted to death to become ... orange.

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