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February 4th, 2005  
lol...sorry i misunderstand u , i thought u were a bit over sensitive about ur country which is totally acceptable, everybody loves his or her own country..

so anyone here can give a comprehensive, unbiased evalution of this election........some medias seem to evalute this incident with other purposes, like giving credits for their governments something
February 4th, 2005  
i read a great quote in the newspaper the other day it was smth along the lines of "the voters here today, they are the real freedom fighters" its so true. the people of iraq have voted with thier hands, and thier feet and they will be better for it
February 14th, 2005  
Peter Pan
Originally Posted by rocco
hopefully now all the arabs living in the neighbouring countries will realise that iraq is benefiting from democracy, as does afghanistan, and there will be a revolution in all the backward dictatorships and theocracies, terrorist monarcy's etc...
That is wishful thinking.

While I am all for the Taliban and AQ being destroyed, but it would be better to be pragmatic rather than dropping coins in the wishing well and seeing pink clouds.

Afghanistan has democracy in Kabul. Not in the countryside. The warlords lords there even now and heroin production goes on merrily.

One has to understand the psyche of the Afghans. Their loyalty is to the tribe. Period. Their law is the gun. Period.

We have to wait to see the benefits of 'democracy' in Iraq. Having an election is not 'democracy'. It is the fair and jsut working of the govt which will indicate democracy is working or not.

The large turnout was not for democracy. It was to ensure there was Shia power. Likewise, the Kurds had had enough of the Sunni satraps of Baghdad.

Again, one must understand the strong hatred the Sunnis have for Shias and vice versa. If one sees the sectarian violence in Pakistan one would wonder how this could happen in a country that was a part of British India where administration was hard on all types of religious aberrations.