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July 15th, 2017  
I've met a few Walts over the years, one of the most memorable one was a Scotsman with a very strong accent, about 5 foot 3 inches tall, weighed at least 25 stone (350 pound or 159 Kgs) said "I was in the Special Air Service."

Most ex military people can recognise ex serving personnel by their mannerisms and speech.
July 15th, 2017  
A Walter Mitty in the UK. I must say, the RM is rather polite to him

[ame=""]Jonah Meets Walter Mitty at Westminster - YouTube[/ame]
July 31st, 2017  
-- Dusty
I have met a few Walters, only one wasn't homeless.

What I have seen so far is vets that simple encounter Walters, and then there are those that go around looking for stolen valor.

I have to ask, where is the law, in the US, that says you cannot wear a uniform? I worked in military surplus, and from what I learned from a legitimate retired colonel, anyone can wear any uniform, provided they are not wearing any patches, badges or medals. So OJ Simpson could go down to the MilSurp and buy real USMC Dress Blues, and wear it in public. Provided he is not telling people he's a Marine, not wearing any military patches, no campaign badges and no medals. Would he be an idiot for wearing it? Yes, of course. But what valor is there in an unmarked uniform? He could wear the uniform with Mario Brothers and Pac Man patches, but nothing identifying him as military.

OTOH, if he has a patch for the 101st Airborne, that is now crossing the line. It's not exactly criminal, but not legal, either. If he wears 5 purple hearts and a CMH, now he's in trouble.

I have seen videos of Don Shipley, SEAL ("Buds131" in Youtube), and I think he has a valid fight. In fact, here's a really good video of his- [ame=""]Stolen Valor Chief Petty Officer? No... Big mistake and it isn't OK. - YouTube[/ame]

I have myself been approached by people when I'm wearing my fatigues, asking me questions that really is no one's business. The biggest problems I have encountered are cops and other veterans. The cops I dealt with simply overstepped their authority. The veterans, honestly, they are looking for a fight. They're bullies, they're no longer in the service where they can carry the ******* attitude and not get in trouble. So they go after people that clearly have mental health issues, bullying them. Is it right for people to claim to be something they're not? No, not by any means. But does that justify hunting them down?

I remember how I felt when a neighbor of mine claimed he was a USMC reservist. And I asked here about that. THAT is wrong. But the wear a uniform? Just remember that the public may be ignorant about a lot of things, but they can see through a fake fairly easy. Sometimes the best thing to do is walk away. Somethings are bet left unsaid.

But this guy has the perfect solution- [ame=""]Types Of Questions To Ask Stolen Valor! - YouTube[/ame]
August 5th, 2017  
just sad pathetic wannabees

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