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October 24th, 2004  
yeah well uncle sam would die just to find a bone in russians plate
October 24th, 2004  
Don't underestimate the Russians. There are a lot of them and if really want to they can create a mess. They can't match US when it comes to sophistication of the weapons. But you don't need the fanciest weapons to win. You just need a lot of weapons and a lot of soldiers that do what you tell them to do.

Russia doesn't have the political will to attack any western country now but who knows if some nutcase takes over there in some years.

For me it's much closer to Moscow than to Washington. I haven't ruled out them yet. Sorry to say.
October 24th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
"The newspaper Pravda analyzes events from the point of view of the Party's interests, whereas PRAVDA On-line takes a pro-Russian approach to forming its policy."

That is a statement from initial website...I smell biased media
October 25th, 2004  

Topic: that's possible

but recently impossible, uncle sam's dollar and EU's euro is attractive, US and other western countries's destination is clear, to control Russia's economy and reduce their power which previous had in soviet recent years nuclear missiles and bombs wrecked and destroied with US's help, US offer lots of money to do it.the number of US's nuclearhead is much higher than Russia now, also shift our eyes to Russia navy , land force , air force . almost no new and advanced weapons equiped in two or three years, on the antiterro war Russia still feel sweaty. why? because they need time to recover their power, that's just a transition. just transition. in case they revival, be careful to this nation. horrible!!!!!
October 25th, 2004  
If we are allowed to use the "common sense", then we can surely predict following:

1. in 2050, Russia will not reach the average GDP of USA.
2. in 2050, Russia's population will be only 1/3 or 1/4 of that of USA.

Then you can know, Russia cannot reach USA in a long long time.
Only if something magic happens then it can, for example USA and China fought a big war and both become as good as half dead, then Russia may re-arise to sole superpower and controls the world ( I don't think EU pose a big challege to Russia before EU got really united like one man, and I believe India would happily to see China and USA are gone after the war).