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July 16th, 2005  

Topic: Re: Stem Cell Research

[quote="greenarmy1980"]Since when did the Church run government? Limiting stem cell research and what is possible was all based on Religion.

i dont think its a matter of the church persuading anything. believing that a fetus is a living thing and that it should not be sacraficed in the name of research is just a natural feeling people have. just because the church takes the same stance does not make it some conspiracy against science.

IMO, the more science discovers, the closer it gets to the church.

"SHow me proof there is a God, you say. I say use your telescopes to look at the heavens, and tell me how there could not be a God!"
July 18th, 2005  
Why they don't shift their initial studies to a nation with lack of this kind of legislation. It's the third world advantages of international business, and only rich countries can success.
July 19th, 2005  
I think it should be brought back to its original pace and founding, as Stem cell research has taken several steps backwords (because of complications) it is good to presue it in a bigger scale to catch up to lost steps.
July 25th, 2005  
How many of you are old enough to remember the outcry there was when the first heart transplant took place. Nearly every one wanted to ban it as thought the heart was the soul of the body, yet we claimed to be modern and forward looking people, my did the Clergy and papers have a field day over that, but now with the passage of time it has become quite the norm.
July 29th, 2005  

Topic: Tough subject

This is a very tough subject.
I think I would pull slightly to the side of doing more research to save peoples lives.
July 29th, 2005  
Well Swedish doctors managed to grow brain cells from stem cells taken from the brain. This might be a good step towards helping people with Alzimers, its anticipated to be ready for alzimers patiants in about 7 - 10 years

Long time but you can't rush these things, has to take its time to see its full potential and to discover any potentional risks with it
August 23rd, 2005  
stem cell research in theory is a great thing. if we could develop lungs, kidneys, hearts, and so on for transplants, great. if it's to alter genetic make-up to prevent a birth defect, great, too. but if it's to alter such things as eye color or other dna, not so great. if it's to clone full bodies, really not great.

the problem is, i dont think we're ready for this yet. before we decide to go forward with this, we need to set down some serious regulations with serious penalties, because this is opening pandoras box.
August 23rd, 2005  
I fully support embryotic stem cell research. One must remember that this is not a baby or a fetus, or even a full embreyo. Its a mass of cells from an embreyo. If you rub your hands together you are killing thousands and thousands of skin cells. The only difference is that stem cells unlike regular ones have the ability to self repair. So whats the big deal? A women has approximatly 450 embryoes in her life. Almost all of them never become a fetus, and since the body is going to flush them out anyway why not use them for research?

I have an uncle who dying of a cancer of the kidneys, why not help those who are already born and are suffering, instead of obsessing over those that will never be born?
August 23rd, 2005  
Charge 7
Three of my close relatives are disabled. My mother has stroke related dementia, my brother has had a failed brain aneurysm operation that caused much of his brain to be removed, and my nephew has cerebral palsy. I think you can guess that I am all in favor of stem cell research. If just one of my relatives can be brought to a better life, it is worth it all to me.

Life is not without risk, neither so is science and progress. We must risk the possibilities that technologies might be misused if we are to advance and here in the US, we must wake up to the fact that the rest of the world has already made its choice and we are falling behind.
August 23rd, 2005  
excellently put, charge.