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May 5th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Jamoni
As far as giving them a democracy, what if they don't WANT one? What if an oligarchic theocracy is what they'd prefer? Will we still force a democracy upon them? And what if the people overthrow that democracy 10 years from now? Will we go back in to re-establish the democracy they didn't want?
Good point.
I think it's hard for us (US, Europe, etc) to understand what they want. Maybe we're just trying to give them what we think they want.

Now a democracy seems to be the answer; the Iraqis can choose what they want. But there are several different groups in Iraq that aren't able to communicate with each other, apart from killing each other. Thatís a religion issue the US and/or the UN canít solve for them.

Now Iím not saying Saddam was a good man (or is a good man), but he had the country under control with force, and I wonder if thereís any other way. It looks like some Iraqis want a full out civil war to run the country their way. I really donít see how this could be resolved.

Donít misunderstand me now, I donít think this mess is the USís fault, I think it was FUBAR before the US ever came along that part of the world.
May 5th, 2004  
Italian Guy
All we are doing we must do accurately and cautiously. But those guys in Guantanamo are POWs, and in my opinion they ARE BEING TREATED WELL. Given they're mostly from Afghanistan, they should be trailed there once the sit has chilled down. Trailed as criminals against mankind. So absurd?