Shorter Leg - Page 2

October 29th, 2014  
1st Lt. Kirzillian
In theory it should not.
Leg-lengthening is done by breaking the leg, keepeing the bones a tad apart, so these actually lengthen.
Bone structure which has been broken will grow far stronger than the original bone.

OF COURSE: It can ALWAYS turn for the worse.
But under the right medical supervision, the risk is minimal.

I advice you to not speak with the military, but a GOOD Orthopedist.
Hope this helps?
November 24th, 2014  
You need to contact somebody at the recruiting level of your military.
A doctor may not know the answer.

I went through jump school in 1967 and every day began with a 5 mile run.
There was an Air Force Captain who had some kind of device on one leg.
He made that run every day and never quit, though he seemed to be suffering.
I bet today he would not even get into the military.

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