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December 20th, 2008  
The Roosevelts were a very unique family. You dont see people like them everyday.
December 20th, 2008  
Originally Posted by mmarsh
She may have been born there, but her clan is from Massachusetts at its core. I know the family, as Ted's niece was in my graduating HS class. They are deep rooted in Massachusetts, they could have been born in HICKTOWN, Indiana it wouldn't have changed the fact.

Yes its legal for her to run but I wish she wouldn't. I guess whats really bugging me is that we finally got rid of one carpetbagger only to get saddled with another dynasty hangeron. BTW I have to say that as a NY senator Hillary didn't do that bad a job, I just dont like how she came to become senator. If she had run in Illinois I wouldnt have cared, but it bugged me immensely that she moved to NY only to get elected.

And like I predicted when she was elected, she abandoned NY the moment she got a better offer.

I got nothing against Caroline or the rest of the Kennedy Family (although I am not overtly impressed either), I just think someone new is better. You cannot tell me that given his senior position her uncle has that he wouldnt use his position to meddle in NY state affairs.
I think the motivation is more along the lines that uncle Ted is clearly getting on in years, has serious health issues. She needs to be the one to hang on to the political power that the family has long enjoyed. It's up to the voters of New York. I don't think Ted cares about the Empire State, he's got enough to do meddling in the affairs of the Bay State and the entire country. Everybody needs a hobby I guess. Ted has always made me wonder what a guy's got to do NOT to be elected in MA.
As for Hillary, she couldn't screw up. It would have destroyed her real political ambitions.
December 23rd, 2008  
Originally Posted by the_13th_redneck
Dynasties are inevitable.
Then when do I get to start mine?
December 23rd, 2008  
A Can of Man
Not for everyone. But the fact that they are there are inevitable.
You amass a lot of wealth. Who do you trust it to? A qualified family member who's been working with you and you've been with from birth to maturity, or a very well qualified stranger?
December 30th, 2008  
I would rather have Andrew Caomo.
Cuomo's son? Wouldn't that be starting a new dynasty?
January 5th, 2009  
what i find is this for Kenadey to become sentor is great but for jeb Bush to be come a senitor for florida= a no go??? what gives?
January 23rd, 2009  
Originally Posted by marshine
Cuomo's son? Wouldn't that be starting a new dynasty?
Well yes and no. Technically yes, however Mario Cuomo was a NY Governor and Andrew Cuomo would be a NY State Senator. Not the same job. The other thing to keep in mind is that Andrew Cuomo is probably the best qualified.


Thank God for Governor Paterson, according to todays NYT he appearently came to the conclusion that having the name "Kennedy" was not sufficent grounds to be a Senator. And that he never had any intention to nominate her.

I bashed GOP's Sarah Palin heavily because of her total lack of experiance and global knowledge, its no different when its a Democrat like Caroline Kennedy.


A SHOCKER: Patersen has nominated Kristen Gillibrand for the NY seat. Gillibrand is currently a NY Representative known as a centrist.


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