Russia economy rise will be 3-4 in the world

April 12th, 2005  

Topic: Russia economy rise will be 3-4 in the world

HONG KONG (Syangan), 12 apr - RIA of "news", Mark Zavadsky. In the next three decades Russia will occupy the third- fourth place
in the world on the rates of economic increase. On this in the interview RIA of "news" stated the former permanent
representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF [INTERNATIONAL
MONETARY FUND]) in Russia, the controlling director of the investment research center of the
Swiss financial group UBS Jonathan Anderson.
"in the next decades Russia will fight with Brazil for the third place
in the world on the rates of economic increase, being inferior only to China and India ", - said expert.
According to him, Russia can definitely design for the four-five- percent rates of
economic increase during this period.
"Russia can design for the intermediate-term rates of economic
increase in size of 4-5% into the near twenty - thirty years", - counts Anderson.
"if government succeeds in creating favorable conditions for the
development of small business and nesyr'evogo sector of economy, forecast on the intermediate-term rates of economic increase can be
increased to 5-7% V ", - he emphasized.
Anderson noted, that Russia is not worth making the accent during the development of
raw sector, since, according to the calculations of economists, prices of the raw the service lives must in the very near future go
"according to our estimations, prices of the oil already reached their maximum and they will very
soon begin a decrease, dostignuv of mark into $40-45 per barrel toward the end of this year
", - said Anderson.
At present price of the oil on the New York commodity exchange
comprises more than $53 per barrel.
Anderson is considered one of the most authoritative world experts on
the international economy. To the work in the Moscow office THE IMF [INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND]
in 1998-2001 it for three years headed Chinese office THE IMF
[INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND] in Peking. At present Anderson heads the investment direction UBS in the Asian-
Pacific Ocean region.
April 18th, 2005  
I think this is where the Russians will have 80 years of communist mismanagement to thank for making them a wealthy country in the future.

They have a wealth of virtually untapped resources just waiting to be exploited.
April 19th, 2005  
Russia is definitely destined to be in the top few major economic powers of the World.
April 22nd, 2005  
every economy has the potential to become a major economy, free trade and specialization has already established that, russia will become a major player when they embrace capitalism.
April 22nd, 2005  
Well Russia have to do many changes for their economy to become major power again. But country like Russia will have manpower and resources to do that indeed. For now, they are barely even keeping their country from falling apart.

Russia will recover at least part of its might, but price to pay for that may be even more horrible than during Stalin's five-year-plans.