March 3rd, 2005  


I am a USN sailor, currently stationed in SC, USA. My command does not have enough BEQ space for everyone, so most of us live in the surrounding community. This is great! Or so I thought...

Well, even with allowances, it's too expensive to live out in town on your own. So, enterprising guy I am, I arranged to have three roomates, and split an apartment with 'em. Things were great for a while, then (recently) everything has gone to hell! Here are my roomie's, in order of annoyance:

1) EM3 USNA-Wannabe
2) EM3 Apathy
3) ET3 X-Box

Let's start from the bottom.

ET3 X-box does nothing more than come home, and live in his room. No social interaction ever. All we here is him talking to his TV, and living like a hermit. The only time I ever see the guy is if he's doing laundry, or taking his seemingly-endless supply of McDonnalds bags to the trash. His annoying trait is that when he does laundry, he takes all freaking day! IF you see him heading for the washer, forget it, you ain' using it today.Overall, he's not that bad. He gets on my case if the dishes arn't squared away, and whines when there isn't his favorite foods (chips & salsa) in the cubbard, but he pays the rent on time, and contributes to bills. All in all, a minor irratant.

EM3 Apathy...where to begin? He comes home, sits on the couch, and plays PS2 all night, until the wee hours of the morning. Then he showers and gets ready for work. On weekend liberty, he...sits on the couch and plays PS2 all weekend. He comes home every day with assorted Arby's bags, and when he's done eating, he leavs the bags (and associated wrapping) wherever they happen to fall. Soda cans? "Well, those must have a way to take themselves to the trash, so I'll just leave them wherever I want." Bills? Who cares. PT? Who cares. Sunlight? Who cares. I swear to all that is holy, this guy could have a bomb dropped in his room (not a bad idea...), and he'd just shrug, and go back to whatever he was doing. Which wouldn't include laundry or cleaning the head. There are things growing in that head that have never seen daylight. So yes, with his lack of motivation, and faint smell, EM3 Apathy is an eyesore, and damn, someone introduce him to the concept of a shower.

EM3 USNA-Wannabe. Now, I can understand the motivation to want to be an officer: Twice the pay, half the work. Sounds good to me too, but I like working too much. Oh well, I'll make Chief someday. Anyhow, I digress; EM3 Wannabe spends every day talking about how great he is. His ACT scores, his appearance, his PT & PFA scores, to hear him tell it, the United States Navy should collectivly bow down and pay homage to his presence. He flouts his past accomplishments in JROTC to anyone who will listen, and proclaims loudly that he will be an officer just as soon as the Academy gets around to seeing his gold-plated application. To hear him speak, the world is at his fingertips, he can do no wrong, and to all his previous-enlisted hell with you, I'll be giving you the o[/i] orders, and you will respect me, and treat me like ADM. Rickover himself. Are you beginning to get the idea? This guy is so full of himself, if his head got any bigger, he would qualify as a Zeplin Pilot. He pays the bills, but then glorifies it, especially if he's half a month early, and nobody else has paid yet. He critiques all others here on their military bearing both at home and on duty. Dear god, please, send a large pin, that I might deflate some of that massive ego...

Now, I will freely admit, I am no saint. I'm on FEP, the only clothes I iron regularly are my uniforms, and I believe that leisure and work do not mix. Work hard, play hard. I pay the bills on time. I do have a bad habit of leaving dishes in the sink, rather than putting them in the dishwasher, but I'm working on it. I like things to be clean to a livable standard. I'm not a neat freak, but dear lord, my room is the only room in the house that's been vacuumed in the month that we've been living here! My head is the only one that's been cleaned. Can you see my dilemma?

Anyhow, if anyone else has some horrible roomate stories, I'd love to hear 'em. Misery loves company, right? Also, any suggestions on what I can do to...perhaps improve my roomates respect for their home, I would greatly appreciate...

And if any of my Army sniper collegues need some weekend money...

Naah, blood is hell to wash out of carpet.

March 4th, 2005  
Charge 7
And this was funny how?
March 4th, 2005  
i think it was a rant. best to let it all out, whether this section of the forum is the right place...
March 8th, 2005  
I found it funny but then again I live in the same house with my brother who I have spent the past 12 years plotting to kill. I'm not sure if you could call him a roomate considering the fact that he's family and I do not live on my own yet but he still drives be compleatly nuts. He "borrows" things from my room that I don't descover missing until I go in his god forsaken room to yell at him for leaving on the lights in the hall outside of our rooms and he pretends to be asleep then listens into my conversations with My Marine then comments randomly comments to my parents about it. ok I'm done
May 15th, 2007  
Team Infidel
big time rant...