The rising of an Empire and the future invasion of Europe!

August 23rd, 2004  

Topic: The rising of an Empire and the future invasion of Europe!

Europe will be invaded in the near future by an Empire that is about to rise

What? Who can invade a United Europe? Is this even a possibility? What power would want to? Or that can possibly pull this off?
Yes, I think it is very possible, there is a power that will rise, that will in the near future attempt do this. Read on......

First, a quick history lesson: During the 15th and 16th centuries the most powerful empire in the world was not England, or Spain, or some other European country, according to most historians the most powerful empire at that time was the Caliphate of Islam, otherwise known as the Ottoman Empire. It stretched from Eastern Europe, to the Middle East, to North Africa, to the Black Sea. They might have conquered most if not all of Europe had they not been stopped at the gates of Vienna by a combined European Army.

The Coming Empire

The empire I am talking about that will surely invade Europe in the future is a revived Caliphate---a great Muslim empire under one supreme leader.

How is this possible, you say? Let me illustrate why this is not only possible but very very probable.

The reason is unknown to most Westerners like us. It has nothing to do with the west, our politics of what we do, or don't do. The real reason, which is also the main reason for terrorism against us, is this---It has to do with Islamic prophecy.

Yes, Islamic prophecy. Whether it is true or not, whether you or I believe it or not, is irrelevant. What is important is that the Muslims believe it. When people believe something they will try to their hardest make it happen. Like something along the lines of a self fulfilling prophecy. It could be true, partially true, or completely false, it doesn't matter, they will try to make it happen.

The Prophecy

This is the reason I am saying this will happen, is because of this prophecy, in order to legitimize their religion they will have to follow it. Here is the basic outlines to this prophecy, there are many details to it which are to long to list, I will simply give the basic outline.

1. A great leader will arise called "the Mahdi" ( translated; rightly guided one ). His actions will be that of Allah himself, in other words anything he does or says is right, no matter what.

2. He will unite the all the Muslim countries under his rule.

3. Once his empire is united, he then will proceed to conquer the world to subjugate it under Islam, in order to convert everyone by the sword if necessary.

4. He will conquer Jerusalem and destroy Rome. (Whether this Rome is literal Rome, or symbolic of the West remains to be seen. Most likely it is literal, since its fullfilment would be much easier for someone to claim to accomplish than destroying the entire Western civilization.)

5. Also during this time, someone the Muslims believe to be Jesus will bow down to the Mahdi and follow him, and they both will kill all the Jews.

This are the basics of the prophecy, this is also the reason the Muslim terrorist are attacking us, they believe they are trying to make this prophecy happen, as for the rest of the other Muslims they are waiting for the Mahdi to actually show up before they take any action. This is also the real reason the Muslims hate the Jews because they believe someday they will kill them all, the palestinian cause is just an excuse.

The Power of this Empire

So how is this empire capable of invading Europe. First of all I don't think this will happen for about 10 or 20 years hopefully more. But if it does happen as early as 10 years from now, they will have the capabilities necessary for decent chance at pulling it off. Heres how;

1. Nuclear advantage/disadvantage. First lets deal with the nuclear question, to get it out of the way. More and more countries to date are possessing nukes. So the point being, the Muslim Empire will have enough nukes to at least make the West think about the not using theirs, after all suicide bombers with backpack nukes is one of the West biggest fears. Anyway as long as the West has some hope of winning the war conventionally it is unlikely they will resort to nuclear weapons

2. Manpower. The are an estimated 1.5 billion Mulsims throughout out the world. All united for an all out war in the final Jihad, they can probably muster an army of about 200,000,000. Thats about right, two-hundred million men! 200 million would equate to about a thousand divisions* which is about the amount they would need to take over Europe.

Think this not possible? Well consider this, while Europe's population is growing older, meaning less people going into the work force than coming out of it. Islamic countries have a population explotion, with very young populations, with an estimated 50% under the age of 18. This is very significant, since this would mean they would be able to recruit large numbers of military age personnel without taking people out of their existing infrastructure or work force which would put a severe strain on their economic output, not so with Europe. In fact if Europe were to recruit say about 30-40 million soldiers for war time emergency, not only would it drain their work force, but it would push the economy to the breaking point. The Islamic empire with around a 700 million pool of young people can recruit about 200 million without too much stress on their economy.

3. Oil. Needless to say the Islamic Empire will control most of Europe's if not the world's supply of oil. Not to mention with all this oil money they can afford to properly equip their massive armies for offensive capabilities, possibly enough to have a significant amount of divisions either mechanized or motorized. Mostly by buying inexpensive but rugged weapons fit for this kind of army from Russia or China, or even Europe itself before the war starts.

4. Fanaticism. Fanatical as some of you may know is probably the highest morale any combat unit can have, men willing to fight to the death or kill without question. An army and an empire under the Mahdi will be absolutely fanatical since the believe he is the absolute will of Allah himself. Imagine whole armies that see the killing of the enemy or death as a way to paradise, has there ever been anything like this in modern warfare.


How is the Islamic Empire going to use this power to take over Europe. I don't think they will be stupid, so using even simple basic strategy to that plays on their advantanges not weakness, is what they will do to give them a good chance of succeeding.

1. Cut off the Oil. With Europe depending mostly on the Middle East for oil their main supplier, once the war starts they will have to look elsewhere possibly Russia or somewhere else. If the Muslim empire can deny them this, either militarily or through shrewd politics, they can put a big damper on Europe's sophisticated war machine and production.

2. Trade men for equipment. The Islamics won't have the same sophistication and technology in equipment as the West so what they will have to do is overwhelm them with numbers. Similar to the way the Russians fought the Germans in WWII by trading the lives of men and land in exchange for time, ( expept this time in an offensive posture ) the Islamics will have to trade the lives of their soldiers in exchange for European equipment. If the Mahdi were to lose 100 men in exchange for destroying a Euro Fighter, or 50 men to stop a LeClerk or Leopard II what is that to him, there is another 199,999,900 waiting in line.

3. In-country populous. This is their ace in the hole. With millions of Muslims now living in European countries, the Mahdi will have himself an army of disruptors and saboteurs already in country, the equivalent of possibly several airborne division, enough to take away large amounts of resources necessary for the front lines. What the Ottoman Turks did not have during their bid to conquer Europe back a few centuries ago the Mahdi will have in place.
Think about this for a second, take a European country with a say a population of 5 million Muslims, If the Mahdi were to issue a call for all out Jihad to all Muslims, lets be conservative and say only 10% of this 5 million actively answered the call, that still would equal to 500,000 people in country willing to die in order to kill Westerners! How is any country going to stop 500,000 all at once without have to divert massive resourcess to do so?

That just a few points on strategy there could be alot more though.

When this war hits it will be the biggest the world has ever seen, and it probably won't be limited to Europe alone, it will make the Russian front look like a small skirmish. The deathtoll will be in the hundreds of millions if not more. Literally the "Boss Of Them All", and "The Mother Of All Battles", rolled into one.

I already gave very good reasons why I'm afraid this scenario is very very possible if not inevitable maybe 10 or 20 years down the road, if this doesn't happen in my lifetime I will count my blessings and consider myself fortunate.


* This original estimate of one thounsand divisions falls far short, more than likely the Islamics will field between two to four thousand divisions, against the West only capable of fielding some two hundred to three hundred divisions.

[side note: the term "liberal" is often used in at various points in this thread. Different countries have different meanings of this. But when most Americans use the term "liberal" they mean; left-wing. For all intents and purpose when I use the term liberal here, it equals left-wing. This is important since much of Europe's left-wing policies have and are contributing towards this scenario happening, as discussed throughout this thread.]
August 23rd, 2004  
Did I miss the part where you explained how the Shiites and the Suni's would unite?
August 23rd, 2004  
They will unite under "the Mahdi" only he will be able to unite them, do you get it now?

He will unite ALL Muslims. Both Sunni and Shiite believe the basics of this phrophecy.
August 23rd, 2004  
I belive In Judeo-Christian prophesy, where we will crush the Muslims terrorists once and for all In Israel. But I defiantly see a greater Islamic influence In Europe, It seems as the the appeasement stradegy for Hitler has ressurected itself In Europes new appeasement for terrorists. (Not all of Europe, I'm not bashing anyone or any country, but their are defiantly situations, Like Madrid, that give the impression Europe is not willing to fight over this matter.)
August 23rd, 2004  
As for Judeo-Christian prophecy, it talks about a terrible world leader who will arise out of the area of the former empire of Alexander the Great. Read it in Daniel Chapter 8.

If you noticed that most of the countries that today occupy the area of Alexander's former empire are now Muslims countries.

August 23rd, 2004  
Of course, not, In fact, many theologians (Jewish mostly) think that the 1967 War fullfilled a certain Old Testiment Prophesy, and agree that the Phrophesy's seemt ot point toward a final conflict In the Middle East. Isaiah actually points to a final battle In Babylon (Baghdad).
August 23rd, 2004  
There are a lot of discussion on Juedo-Christian prophecy which ones mean what, somes are right, some maybe not, some are a load of crock.

My point is---- this is what the Muslims believe. They don't care what we believe, to them it's what they believe that counts.

As far as their prophecies go they will try to make it happen, this is why terrorist are doing what they are doing they see themself as preparing the way for the Mahdi.

It already happened in the past during the 1800's i believe, where someone claimed he was the Mahdi and a lot Muslims followed him and started a war.

The possibity is all too real that someone claiming to be the Mahdi will step up, unite the Muslims and start a world war.
August 23rd, 2004  
Does the Quran warn of false Phrophets like the Bible does?
August 23rd, 2004  
I only did a basic study of the Quran, not an in depth one, so I'm not sure, but it does say that Mohamed is the only true prophet of Allah. I mainly concentrated in studying the Islamic prophecies.
August 23rd, 2004  
Well, thats an important aspect, a warning of false phrophets. IIRC, Allah is said to have given Muhhamed 2 messages they spoke, one, to proclaim the message, and two, to warn of the final judgement. If Muhhamed is the last phrophet of Islam, the person who will judge the world's people will have to be Allah himself, through a non-phrophet messenger.