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August 24th, 2005  
thanks for the link.
August 24th, 2005  
I think that the U.S. navy should be able to repel any sea based invasion, especially near the coast under land and carrier based suppport. Not just that, our ships would be closer to home and easier to resupply.
Failing this and if we are invaded; I feel sorry for them. After being in a democracy and having our own freedom for so long, I would hate to try to take it away.
I think the initial assaults would be brutal, and the resistance immensly strong. As far as militia resupply goes, I would probably just strip weapons and ammo off of the enemy. Much as the french did during WWII.

Beyond this, dont we have tactical nukes for ground assaults that we would use in a 'worst case' scenario? What would constitue a worst case?
August 25th, 2005  
Mmmm, yeah. I know for certain though, that i have no idea how to use an AK-47 except for the aim and shoot bit. I've got no idea how to take care of it or any of that because i have no training in it - so if i take one of an enemy guy, chances are that i'm gonna accidentally switch safety on or something and i'm gonna get killed because i don't know how to turn it off etc etc.... If it comes down to a bolt action rifle however, something that i have a lot of experience in, i'm going to wanna keep that so i know that i'm experienced in the weapon that i have.

I don't know what would constitute a worst case scenario though.... Probably if 70 or 80 percent of the defending army was wiped out and the capital was about to be taken?

August 25th, 2005  
Whispering Death
I don't think it is possible in the near future for an invasion of America to take place. The boardering countries have fractions of a percentage of the millitary power America wields. Any seaborne invasion from any fictional "EU Empire" scenario or "Superpower China" scenario would be seen way off due to the size of the logistics for such an invasion and promptly sunk. Bikinni attol would have nothing on what happens to that fictional fleet.

The only way to get at America is through blockade of things like oil.
August 25th, 2005  
Or just wait a few decades for Americas economy to crumble and superpower status to shift.
August 25th, 2005  
FO Seaman
Ok I argree that the US could fight off an invasion, and the thing about the Navy. Thats why we have a Coast Guard, and they're not what everyone thinks. They're got some nice stuff.

Ok, not to boast . I'm a Militia.

For weapons, I have a Mk.II Savage .22, Win-Mag 30-30 Lever Action, and about 80 rounds of military issue 5.56mm.

For gear I've got Level IIII Personal Armor System Ground Troops- Vest, Level I Vehicle Crewman Vest, two M1 "Steel Pots, and a PASGT helmet, LBV, two ALICE vests, two M17A2 NBC masks, and some BDU's.

I can also get my hands on an AR-15/M16A1, M14 and a few M60's and an APC, but thats if it comes to the worst.

For training, I have qualifed with the M16A2 and have extensive knowledge of all weapons currently and passed service. Also have a basic knowledge of USSR, Chinese, Romanian made arms and am AFIST qualifed (trained by my dad). I can also driver any tank drom the M26 to the M1A2.
August 25th, 2005  
It may take more than a few decades for American superpower to shift.

Right now American power is at its zenith, it shows no signs of decling as of yet. Doesn't mean it won't. We don't know yet how long the the zenith will last.

The reason I'm saying this is, I read an article once (a while back) about the life and death of empires (and superpowers for that matter).

The author basicly stated that the time for the rise of an empire (or superpower) is roughly equal to the time for it decline. Most all leading empires throughout history followed this pattern of rise and decline, of both roughly equaling each other.

Of course certain factors can push an empires decline sooner, or it can simply drag out to a slow decline, with the lack of outside factors. So it will decline roughly in porportion to its ascent.

Since it took the USA 200 years to get here at its height, how long this height will last, we don't don't know, could be 5 years could be 100 years, no one is sure, it could be that the it has not reached there yet. But once this period is over it will take roughly another 200 years for a full decline (give or take 50 to a hundred years) due to outside factors or lack thereof.

That doesn't mean it can't be challenged by a powerful enemy in the near future. Empires constantly face these test. If they overcome it they last longer, or grow even stonger, if not, they decline quicker.


Roman Empire: long rise---long decline
Nazi Empire: short rise---short decline

Both exihbit a rise roughly the same lenght of its fall. Give or take a few years in porportion with its timeline.

For a succesful invasion of the American mainland to occur. The enemy must be powerful enough to conquer Europe. After this they need to take Asia. Africa will fall easily, whether it is taken before or after Asia.

The next part will be the subvertion or outright conquest of South America. An outright invasion into the USA across the Alantic is simply too difficult. To do this you will need a absolutely massive navy, with total air superiority, at this point there is no one who can achive this yet.

Their best strategy once the rest of the world is conquered is to subvert S.A. but this could take some time maybe 50 years, if it at all works. If Mexico falls only then can an all out invasion with any chance of sucess occur.

But by then it will mean the end of democracy for the world for at least couple of thousand years, the world will be plundged into a new dark age as far as human freedom goes.

Why any Westerners would like to see the decline of the USA (there are some that do) is beyond me, I don't think they realize the consequnces.
August 25th, 2005  
Originally Posted by gladius
I don't think they realize the consequnces.
Or they do, and you don't.
August 25th, 2005  
I dont, really?

Okay the USA declines in power, China (which is not a democracy) becomes the absolute power in Asia and the Pacific. There are no other candidates here so this is the logical solution.

Can you please enlighten me to what they will do to ensure the spread of democracy, or even keep it stable for democracy?

Or even what interest they have of insuring other countries maintain their democracy when they can push and shove their way with no one to say otherwise?

Lets just start with one scenario for now, since you must be one of those people who naively thinks once the US is gone there will be no one to fill that vacuum.
August 25th, 2005  
Yeah, hey, let's not start a debate about whether or not Uncle SAm is gonna get bashed and who's gonna sit in his old rocking chair. I don't wanna see a decline in America, i just wanna see a decline in Americanisation/gangs/doing everything the easy way/fast food etc etc. America is the big kid that everyone wants to be friends with but nobody really likes, but everyone knows that they need. There's no need for a big argument to happend here, because the thread is just gonna get knocked down and it's a good thread, i don't wanna see that happen

Someone mentioned something about a dark age though, so i thought of something interesting. What if this guy nukes that guy, these guys nuke those guys, and all of a sudden global communications are down, society breaks down and all of a sudden we are on our own. No internet, no television, no satellites - nothing. Suddenly we have to learn about self-sufficiency and self-preservation. Cities would become murder holes, private militia would be formed and king-pins would emerge - the basest, cruelest thugs that had enough guns to run the show.

Those in close knit farming communities band together and do the best - they've got food, animals for transport and eating, they've most probably got weapons for defense and are remote enough for safety. But they will eventually have to defend themselves. Roaming military units, a government attempting to re-unite the country. Gasoline is only provided to those who control its creation. Economies fail, paper money is only good for burning and the real comodity becomes food, weapons, animals. We go into a semi-civilised dark age where small communities survive like they used to, and the tradesman is valued above anything else.

Are any of you prepared for that? Do u have plans? Supplies? Does anyone? I know me and mine would be able to survive, but what about u and yours? Any ideas?