Private Military Contracting

September 6th, 2013  

Topic: Private Military Contracting

Hello to everyone

I am rather new to this site, so please forgive me for posting this in the wrong part of the forum.

in the bigginig of the year i went to the south African military. based in oudshoorn 7sai.
Due to certain events and private family matters i had to leave the army.

My goal was to finish my 2 years and then become a ''PMC"
Why a PMC? . . that question came up as much as it did when i decided to go to the army. . is something only you know why. . born to do it, , a calling if you must.

Anyway, my question I would like to ask is, me being in south africa and having not found the right places to help me with my certification in security etc, to start working as a PMC, is there anyone that can point me in the right direction and help me, such as links or any contacts that could help me in any way.

any information wil be greatly appreciated
September 7th, 2013  
Utilize the search function. It helps.

You're just gonna be hamburger, I hope you know that.
September 9th, 2013  
thank you.

did not even see the search bar.
September 9th, 2013  
The day of well paid jobs in PMCs is long, lonnngg gone, demand is down and fools are still lining up.

Even when they were in moderate demand, you needed special forces experience (years of it) and even then you had little chance unless you had contacts on the inside.
September 11th, 2013  
i hear ya. . that is why i not only conseder PMC. but working for a place like triple canopy or dyncorp. . . i keep hearing everyone say you need this and that training . . . not to be rude and i do appreciate me being told, but the fact still remain, all that i am interested in at this moment is someone that wil be able to give me a hand in the finding and or contacting a company, or give me a name of anyone that that knows anyone of the company. pref Dyncorp or triple canopy. . .one of my problems is contacting them since i live in south africa.
so like you say Senojekips. . contacts inside.. and i must add, thank you for the reply, not many do reply.

so if anyone stumbles onto this message, , please do me a favor and pass it along.

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