Potential problems with enlisting

December 1st, 2016  

Topic: Potential problems with enlisting

Hello all my name is Paul. Im 22 and attempting to enlist into the U.S Army. I've spoken to several recruiters from full time army to national gaurd and they all believe I'm a good candidate and even went as far to take the asvab. Although I have 1 issue.

In 2011 I had a herniated disk in my lower back which I had corrected many years ago now. It doesn't bother me ever and I work out/run regularly.

I've spoken to about 4 different recruiters now and every single one of them has told me to not mention it, as it is in the past and no longer a present issue.

They all said the Army can not find out that information unless I personally disclose it on my enlistment paperwork.
Should I accept my recruiters advice and not mention my previous condition?

I want to be a mechanic because that's what I am now so I would like to continue to do that in the military.

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December 2nd, 2016  
-- Dusty
I did that with my medical past, same suggestion, and it came back to bite me hard. They will find out and then your ass is on the line for fraudulant enlistment. You do not want that.

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