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October 13th, 2007  
Originally Posted by Kiwi
Yes I am aware of that at this stage for the US, but I did say in the future.
That was Regarding the PMC's.

Its not much of a leap, you outsource basic operational duties, more involoved and skilled areas are going to to next. The same logic applied to basic areas will be applied to more skill set needs.

You know as well as I the military has increased its civvy contracts that now involve areas that used to be soley the mil domain.

That 120,000 takes in all wage costs, sick, hoildays, bonus, insurances the mil has to pay, increased pay due to deployments, long service, admin processing etc. Not take home in your hand, but actually cost of the WO2 to the mil.

Like a Sgt two years ago got 1500 (gross-thats before tax)a week base pay. My figures are Australian Military.

I also know our job awards are different to yours. Its a little hard to compare.

Like we have 4 weeks hoilday 12 days sick as standard full time entitlement. We don't do medical benefits, because we do have a health system. Average Civvy, mil of course gets more.

As for our PMC's the average fella rejected from basic is offered $800 per week in hand plus hazard pay.

Our military recieve bonus payments too if going into a active war zone.

I also think that you need to be aware just because the US doesn't use the PMC's as soldiers, doesn't mean the other countries involved are following suit.
I think your over reaching a bit. When the dust settles I'm willing to bet that the use of PMC's gets limited.

Other countries (just so I can be aware) I can't speak to. The US I can. Except for one, Bougainville Solomon Islands, believe PMC's were used there a few years ago, I'll leave it at that.
October 15th, 2007  

God I hope your right. Personally I'd go a step further and ban PMCs from operating with the USA, and I'd pass legislation to make PSC stick to basic security duties such as being bouncers at rock concerts.

We already have a military in the USA, we don't need another.
October 16th, 2007  
I don't really think that a choice is going to be given. After this dust up I think ROE's and limits are going to be forced down the PMC's throats whether they like it or not. And it can't happen soon enough to suit me.
October 16th, 2007  
What about PMCs like Sandline which are not US based. Same changes applied do you think?

I'm also wondering about the fallout for PMCs and PSCs in other theatres.
October 16th, 2007  
I doubt that Sandline or EO will be effected unless they plan on operating with US forces. But BW etc I have a feeling will end up with their ego's deflated.

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