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March 4th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Guess what, you probably don't know but I AM doing something about it. It'll just take years (decades) to work. But I AM doing something. You think I'd just sit back and take it?
March 4th, 2008  
Del Boy
Well, I am not a bit surprised to hear that Redneck.

And of course, throughout the past ten years, many have striven politically to warn of where we were going. But each time the opposition or members of the electorate raised the issue, the government supporters shouted them down immediately by calling them racists and extremists. This was never true, but the Tories were constantly blackguarded as such and the racist card kept them out of the running, very unfortunately, otherwise we would not have found ourselves in this position. The Labour party, socialists of course, relied upon the Obama type charisma of Blair, which eventually crumbled to dust, the constant piling into the country of alien culture immigrants, encouraging both legal and illegal , by amnesties and high benefits, free housing, and family support even for those with many wives and children. Of couse there is no such creature as legal asylum seeker into this country, when they have arrived almost always, from safe European countries, especially France, who bitterly attack our government for supporting such policies and making England such a comfortable target. All at the expense of the English people who do not have enough housing and services to go around already; we are one of the most crowded places on earth.

Why do Labour do this - because they see every new immigrant as another Labour vote, which will keep them in power perhaps fpr always, destroying the democratic principle. Many of our cities and towns are more or less in the hands of immigrants, both at voting and local authority level. The rabble-raiser Galloway is an example of this, having snatched a constituency in east London for his new party with complete Muslim immigrant support. On top of that, of course, the Scottish vote has always been responsible in the past whenever Labour took office. Scotland has its own Parliament, but most of our leading politicians in government cabinet and supporting positions are Scottish. On all of such constitutional matters we have no control, because we have no constitution. So far these strategies have worked, and England has been patient for democratic reasons, but now they are being stretched on the rack by an authoritarian government, who wish to subject them to the position of a golden goose to be plucked while this new career political class have their snouts deeply embedded in the trough, with the EU gravy train at their mercy. Power and greed, power and greed.

I am not a politico of any colour, and neither is the author of the following:-

Why I've become a placard waver!

By SALLY EMERSON - More by this author Ľ Last updated at 23:17pm on 3rd March 2008

Get out the placards and start marching and shouting.
Arise the good people of Britain, the decent, the polite, the tolerant.
Around my house in London we have two protests going on - one to save our post office, the other to save our police station.
I have never wielded a placard before. Now I've got two, but I have to take care to avoid going out with the wrong one.
Why is this government so intent on killing off every institution we have?

All over Britain, 2,500 post offices are being closed, regardless of whether they are profitable or how important they may be to their customers.

Millions of people will have to make millions of extra car journeys because their local post office has disappeared.

And what of the police station a few hundred yards away? That, too, is under threat.
As it is, we hardly see any police officers around. That comforting idea of my youth, the notion that "if you want to know the way, ask a policeman," is a very, very distant memory.
If you want to know the way today, it would take you an hour to get to your nearest central police station, where the officers would be too busy working on their forms and targets and paperwork to care.
They wouldn't know the way in any case, because it wouldn't be their area.
In our local police station, the staff themselves are complaining that moving into the centre of London will cut them off from the local area.
Well, of course it will! It doesn't need a management consultant to work out that if the police are an hour away, it will take longer for them to get to you than if they were round the corner.
Yet since this government came to power, police stations have been closing at the rate of one a week.

Libraries are closing too - never mind that the Government has declared 2008 the national year of reading to try to improve literacy.
Ours came close to disappearing. I am ashamed to say I didn't protest at that. I should have. But I am protesting now.

When you think of the Government's new strategies for "improving" our public services that we hear of daily - closing post offices, closing police stations, closing family doctors' surgeries and village schools, does it not seem that someone is trying deliberately to sabotage what is left of England, and the institutions that helped made it strong and dignified?

The people in power inside, in the Houses of Parliament, do not seem to give a jot about our way of life. They take no notice of us.

We want a referendum on the European Treaty as promised. We aren't going to get it. We want to keep our post offices and police stations. That won't happen, either.

My fear is that the qualities that have made England such an open and tolerant society over the years are those very same qualities that may lead to its destruction.
We in the middle class aren't strident, we are well mannered. We let the world walk all over us.
But Britons - especially the quiet middle classes - seldom cause trouble like that. Perhaps we should start to change our tune.

Of course it would be cheaper to centralise everything, as the Government seems determined to do. Goodness, why don't we just have one big post office, one big police station and one big doctors' super-surgery, all in Brussels..
I stupidly thought the point of government is to improve the lot of its people, to listen to them, genuinely listen, to make their lives less painful, less difficult, less dangerous. I was wrong.
Just look at some of the other institutions this government has undermined. In the past, for example, there used to be something called the family which was considered the building brick of a society.

Yet Britain has succeeded in pretty much killing off the outmoded idea of a loving family, by giving tax breaks to those who are not married, and who have children when they are not married - even though the evidence is clear that those who are married are much more likely to stay together after having children.
Just this week, the Mail reported how research for the charity CARE shows that three out of four families would be better living apart than sharing a home under Labour's benefit system - many of them by as much as £100 a week.
So even children's well-being is no longer relevant to the Government as they scythe through the institutions that have made Britain such a remarkably successful, tolerant and decent nation for so many years.

I have never considered myself a reactionary - indeed, my sympathies have for decades lain with the liberal Left.
But the truth is that when institutions lose their authority then the life goes out of a country. And so many of our institutions are being undermined that I have come to realise that we have to stand up and fight for them.
March 4th, 2008  
A Can of Man
I understand. Every time someone says things that are reasonable but not politically correct they get hammered at being racist. I've seen it myself.
My condolences...
March 5th, 2008  
Del Boy
Originally Posted by DTop
Del Boy, I'm glad to hear that he isn't the only one getting fed up by this turn of events. I'm just surprised that thing have gone that far in Britain. I'm sure the time will come when the British people will express their displeasure during the next election.
Thanks DTop. this guy reflects the widespread view of the man in the street. What you hear from him, echoed by what you hear from me appears in our newspaper correspondence columns, and wherever working men gather - it is the real thing. however, doing something about it is a different matter. The three major party system enables a grip on power by a party which gathers nothing like a majority of votes in England, and now Labour has the following of all those immigrants it has nurtured and pandered to for exactly that reason. Also, although Scotland has its own Parliament, the Scottish vote has tended to keep Labour in power in England.

However, it seems the roots are awakening at last, and things might well change. But we now have the fait accompli of a completely different political panorama. Such is life, but as we know, cometh the hour, cometh the man.

That was a very good & timely video you posted, I am impressed. I wonder how many hits it has had?


Monty B - regarding your original post on this thread; whenever you display such sneering dismissal of someone's opinion, (and in this case it was something you had not even had the common decency to listen to before doing so), and when you use de-humanising language such as 'bleating', you lead me to agree with the sentiments of your compatriot in this morning's newspapers, expressed below :-

Gatland blasts Kiwi arrogance

Warren Gatland interrupted preparations for Wales' defence of their unbeaten record in Ireland on Saturday to fire a broadside at his fellow New Zealanders, citing a superiority complex as one reason for their failure to win the World Cup since 1987.

"I get embarrassed by Kiwi arrogance at times," said the Wales head coach. "As Kiwis, we sometimes have such high opinions of ourselves and what a difference we make in the world, or what a difference we make in world politics or sport. The reality is that we don't.

For me, it's about being a bit more open-minded about the rest of the world. We (in New Zealand) are not that important ."

He must have read you post, old chap! (And who knows, perhaps that sheep in the video might view your response as that of a braying ass.)
March 5th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Del Boy I really doubt the Rugby game has anything to do with Monty B's arguments.
March 5th, 2008  
Del Boy
Redneck, Rugby actually. I have no problem with the arguments, it is the unprovoked insulting use of language, calculated to block the credibility of the target. A very old socialist ploy to block input before take-off. I have mentioned this to him before.

A little politeness is to be recommended. He insulted this man without even listening to his case , admittedly, and castigated him unmercifully without reason, and he like to talk of B/S and 'bleating' and such, quite unnecessarily. He would say - Well that is my opinion. Well, this is mine.

As for the article by the prominent Kiwi, although he is a sportsman, he makes it clear that he believes they can tend to have a negative attitude sometimes. Whether he is right or wrong, it is an attitude which I recognise in this case.

Furthermore, there is unfinished history regarding this rugby question being introduced off-topic into other threads, where MontB has used it to interrupt discussion (he knows where and when) and I thought it was legitimate to close that account at this point, as the overall article was relevant.

I assure you that if it had not been published openly by a leading KIWI, I would not have considered it.

I honestly believe that my post to MontyB is a legitimate representation of the attitude I am complaining of regarding his response to the video. The Kiwi article describes my opinion better than I could, and it can hardly be described as offensive.
March 5th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Dunno... I think sometimes you start it.
March 5th, 2008  
Del Boy
How could I start it my friend - DTop posted the video - MintyB slagged it off, out of hand, without listening through the content called it B/S etc.etc. and generally took a dismissive and sneering tone. All the posts on this thread are there to be read for anyone to check. I never make UNPROVOKED attacks on anyone - I treat them with respect.

Defending my corner is another thing altogether. As far as I am concerned, we can do it the nice easy way or the hard way, I simply follow the lead and react accordingly. I won't be shouted down, that's true and I can be vigorous, when I have to take up the cudgels.

I have stated my case on this thread and I will not pursue the matter, having told MontyB where i stand.

Thanks for bothering to intervene. Appreciated.
March 5th, 2008  
Originally Posted by the_13th_redneck
Dunno... I think sometimes you start it.
Hehe it doesn't matter who starts it, it is who finishes it that counts and to be honest I think most people can see by now that he is completely incapable of giving anyone the last word on a subject especially when the subject matter is coming from one of those pesky colonial types but hey don't take my word for it ask some of the other Antipodeans around here.

Heres a thought how about we both just return to the thread and topic at hand rather than waste yet more bandwidth on personal shots and half arsed attempts at distraction and if you continue to feel the need to take shots then do it in a PM or start a thread in general chat forum where we can carry on this school yard spat because I am damned certain no one else wants to read our petty ramblings here.
March 5th, 2008  
Del Boy
Originally Posted by MontyB
Heres a thought how about we both just return to the thread and topic at hand rather than waste yet more bandwidth on personal shots and half arsed attempts at distraction and if you continue to feel the need to take shots then do it in a PM or start a thread in general chat forum where we can carry on this school yard spat because I am damned certain no one else wants to read our petty ramblings here.

I agree.
You know how I feel regarding your use of language, everybody else now knows how I feel about that.

Remember that you instigated the Kiwi Rugby 'half-arsed' distraction, so you have to wriggle on it I'm afraid. I am not the one who has tried to stifle this thread, it is one which, as you well know, is of great interest to me, and is nothing but an Aunt Sally to you, as you have made clear.

I have no requirement to PM you, or engage in mud-wrestling elsewhere as I have no interest whatsoever in popularity or the last word, so be my guest.

Nevertheless - I agree.

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